Tariq Harb: an invitation to a new agreement with Kuwait to end the “Chapter VII”

Tariq Harb: an invitation to a new agreement with Kuwait to end the “Chapter VII”

December 27, 2016 | 10:17

Tariq Harb - an invitation to a new agreement with Kuwait to end the Chapter VIINetwork Iraqi position

Legal expert Tareq Harb said that he must exit Chapter VII of the agreement with Kuwait on reparations, calling on the Foreign Ministry to carry out diplomatic action to bring about a bilateral agreement between the two countries.

He said the war in a press release on Tuesday (December 2017 27), that “the end of negotiations with the United Nations on the oil-for-food program, which lasted a very long time since the date of issuance of the UN Security Council resolution (1958) in 2010/12/15 and far especially since the UN security Council resolution (2107) on 05.27.2013 decided to take measures to end the application of Chapter VII of the Alarac.okan necessary to end the application of Chapter VII on Iraq, especially since the area is now determined to apply for compensation Kuwait only a 5% of oil imports Iraq in accordance with UN security Council, (687) for the year 1991 which law makes it compulsory to pay compensation for Gulf war, so bring a bilateral agreement between Iraq and Kuwait on compensation instead of the compensation Committee and Chapter VII. “.

He said the war that “a large part of the compensation or most of them have been paid if such compensation from the Commission is not the representation of Iraq, where because of the former regime’s rejection of such compensation and other reasons, the most important of these compensations fake compensation likeness pay compensation to Jordan and Israel for damage to the environment under the pretext of combustion of some oil wells Kuwaiti or she exaggerated likeness that every Kuwaiti does not come out of his home, four days worth compensation and old cars treated with worldwide new car. ”

He said that “it should be noted the compensation prescribed for Iraq under the UN Security Council adopted in 1981 a decision in compensation for hitting the Iraqi nuclear reactor from Israeli aircraft and destroy it is the decision (487) for the year 1981, which gave Iraq this right because it was necessary not to pay reparations to Israel and an offset damage in the two countries. ”

He also noted the war to “he was paid $ 500 million to Kuwait Airways Corporation and the payment of $ 500 million dollars to the US government to stop the demand of people and companies compensation from the Iraqi government, we find that the US government halted since 2014 issuance of Executive Order US president to protect Iraq’s money claims which began since 2013. ”

He continued, “In addition, the demarcation of the Iraq-Kuwait border in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 733 and the arrival of Kuwait to the outskirts of the city of Umm Qasr, Iraq and improve Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations and the postponement of Kuwait to pay the 5% for the last two years because of Iraq’s financial conditions as well as the repayment of the amount of more than 30 Milirdolar in compensation to Kuwait for a period occupation, but several months not only continue and did not result in much damage and consequent decisions of the security Council, many began to resolution 661 of 1990, which was released four days after the date of the occupation of Iraqi troops to Kuwait, which has decided to ban the import of any commodity from Iraq and the UN security Council resolution (665 private maritime ban) and resolution (678) which authorized the use of force against Iraq and the resolution (986) for the year 1995 which introduced the issue of oil for food, and so on. ”

He called the war “the Foreign Ministry to diplomatic action on the Kuwaiti government to bring bilateral agreement between the two countries for what remains of a small amount of compensation and ends with Chapter VII on Iraq as long as the application was left of his belongings, but the 5% of Kuwait.”

The Iraqi army launched the second of August 1990 attack on the State of Kuwait, under the pretext of “stealing” Kuwait of Iraqi oil, and the attack took two days and ended with the seizure of Iraqi forces on the entire territory of Kuwait on August 4.

And issued by the Security Council a series of decisions were the most important of the UN Security Council Resolution 678, which passed in the 29/11/1990. Revolves Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations about what is taken by the UN organization of work, if peace threat and prejudice, and acts of aggression against civilians in the State.