Iraqi forces make gains in Mosul for the first time since Week

Iraqi forces make gains in Mosul for the first time since Week


Iraqi forces make gains in Mosul for the first time since WeekRoudao – Arbil ,

said an army officer said Iraqi forces recaptured on Friday, a police headquarters in the northern city of Mosul from the grip of the “Daesh” In the first progress during the week.

Iraqi troops did not achieve any progress in nearly a week as a result of a temporary halt to the military campaign, in preparation to launch a broader attack would include various fronts in the vicinity of the city after he was limited in the first instance on the Eastern Front.

Said Brigadier General in command of sixteen band Atwan Nazim al – Kubaisi in a press statement, he said that ” the Iraqi army of sixteen band Brigade 76 forces and guards of Nineveh began promptly at 800 on Friday morning attack nearly set her goals at the center of Aorth ruined Cairo northern district Mosul “.

” The troops met fierce resistance by armed groups affiliated to al Daesh, but it managed after about two hours of forcing these groups to flee, and the progress and the liberalization of the entire police academy headquarters in the Cairo neighborhood north of the city and regain control of it from the grip of the organization.”

It should be noted that sixteen band forces in the Iraqi army holds the liberation of the northern city of Mosul – centered mission in coordination with Nineveh Guard troops trained by the Turkish troops at Camp Ba’shiqah near Mosul.

These forces progressing very slowly due to several reasons for the weakness in the forefront of arming fighters compared to what is owned by the organization of the modern means of fighting, according to specialists.

He said al – Kubaisi, said that ” the outcome of casualties among the armed forces was injured only seven soldiers, and there was no damage , ” pointing at the same time that ” the losses among the ranks of the organization was very large , and now can not give the precise outcome of the fact that the security situation still confused about not being counted accurately. ”

He continued, ” The warplanes international coalition did not participate during this process , ” adding that ” the forces of progress will continue towards set her goals in order to resolve the task of editing and meet with anti – terrorism forces and band ninth at the banks of the Tigris River in the left side of the conductor.”

Iraqi armed forces and managed since October / October 17 last edit nearly 40 alive in the left side of Mosul , as well as the Nineveh Plain entire regions and dozens of villages and many respects.

Iraqi forces have made in the eastern neighborhoods of the city, while other forces cordoned off the southern and northern outskirts of the city and closed ten days before the road actually to the west.

In turn, the federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat reported that 43 militants from al Daesh killed in the missile strike targeted the sites of the organization on the outskirts of Mosul , to the south.

Jawdat said in a statement broadcast on state television, that ” the federal police killed 15 terrorists after a missile attack long their base in the north of the village of Abu Saif al- Yarmouk area.”

He added that ” the federal police , backed intelligence effort targeted missile bombardment barracks for terrorists in the valley north of Camp Stone Ghazlani resulted in the destruction of the 30 – wheel variety and killed 28 terrorists.”