Trump: My plans still exist with regard to ban the entry of Muslims

Trump: My plans still exist with regard to ban the entry of Muslims


Trump - My plans still exist with regard to ban the entry of MuslimsRoudao – Arbil ,

US President – elect said, Donald Trump, said that the plans still exist with respect to the prohibition of entry of Muslims to the United States, until a mechanism by which the separation of extremists and others.

This came during an interview with reporters, Fla . , On Wednesday, in response to a question about the terrorist attacks in Turkey and Germany, and whether it intends to review the proposal on banning Muslims entry into the country.

Trump said: “You know my plans in this regard is well, I’ve turned out I was right in this matter.”

Commenting on the terrorist attack that took place last Monday, in the German capital Berlin, Trump said that the attack targeted a humanitarian, and that it should put an end to such attacks.

Last Monday, Trump expressed his condolences for the German victims of the terrorist attack , which he described as ” an attack against Christians.”

And it claimed the incident took place last Monday to run over, in a holiday Christmas markets (Christmas) the center of Berlin, killed at least 12 people and wounding 48 others, including 18 in critical condition.

On Tuesday, the organization “Daesh” terrorist announced in a statement attributed to him, posted on social networking sites, claimed responsibility for the incident and ran over.

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He was Trump ‘s statements during his election campaign raised considerable debate about Islam and Muslims, and called in December / December 2015 for a “full and comprehensive ban on the entry of Muslims and the United States.”

Trump also refused to receive Muslim refugees, whether Syrians or others, and called for the cessation of immigrants from Iraq and Syria until a security system through which knowledge of them poses a threat to the United States or not.