New vote «inevitable» to give Trump presidency

New vote «inevitable» to give Trump presidency

20/12/2016 0:00

New vote inevitable to give Trump presidencyWashington / agencies
said Republican Senator John McCain said the United States has lost its leading role in the world during the rule of President Barack Obama, said McCain in an interview with Channel «CNN» Monday that electronic on American political institutions of the attacks before the election, and the detention of China for the device (probe) in the South China Sea, are examples of this, in turn electoral college members go in every US state separately, to vote in a routine procedure gives Trump White House seat, and Mike pence as Vice President for four years Mqublh.oukal Senator McCain: what is happening is because of « undermine the leading role of the United States »and that US President Barack Obama does not have a strategy and the way political to deal with various electronic attacks, which are unlikely to have affected the progress of the American presidential election, he said, is shared by US Secretary of defense , former Secretary Robert Gates, McCain Rated US current situation, Gates has said that « the United States falling all over the place, and the main reason for this is that Obama ‘s words are often not accompanied by an act», he said.
«Myths» US election
to that refuted a report prepared by the company «Manchenko Consulting» experts, many of the myths surrounding the recent presidential election in the United States, who won the Republican Donald Trump race, the experts concluded that the «reasons» , which was interpreted by many, Trump win in the elections, it was not her, almost no influence on the result, and analyzed the experts «Consulting» data on election campaigns in the United States starting in 2012, and concluded that the main difficulty in the last election analysis, lies in the huge number of false rumors about them, including the rumors that the two candidates Anscheranha themselves, and «myths» which experts refute, allegations about low voter turnout, and Trump advantage of this trend.
The report quoted expert Michael McDonald, a professor at the University of Florida, an analysis has pointed out that the presence in the elections the proportion in 2016, more than 59 percent of registered voters, which is an indicator commensurate with the attendance rate over the past years, experts doubted that the attendance rate of any the impact of the success of the Trump they pointed out that Trump has achieved steady victory in some states where the attendance ratio is greater than average, and in other states, where the turnout was low, Hillary Clinton has maintained its leadership did not turnout vary among black Americans, so much, for the proportion of similar attendance in previous elections, according to the report: « the problem lies Clinton was not in the decline of the participation rate of black Americans, but in the fact that its share of the voices were lower, as they have lost 8 percent of the vote for American Latino».
Hackers Russian
experts pointed out that the recount and all the investigations carried out in the matter the outcome, did not reveal yet, no trace of intervention by «hackers» in the elections, the report said that the talks focused primarily on the «interference» in the ballot state of Wisconsin, but a recount operations, confirmed the validity of the primary outcome, and stressed non – interference in the work of the parties mechanisms counting.

Force Trump secret
in the same context , the report described the allegations channel «CNN» US about «weapons Trump secret», as «exaggerated» There is talk about «Cambridge Analytica» company registered in London, which claimed that the company received from Trump amount more than $ 5 million, in exchange for promotion and to convince voters to vote for the Republican candidate, and the analysts that the company collects personal information about voters, and then offering them political propaganda formula commensurate with «mental image» each voter, and not collect the necessary data in social networks, «Manchenko Consulting» report stressed that this London – based company has played an important role in the regulation of electronic Trump campaign, but he pointed out that the billionaire began to cooperate with the «Cambridge« in the final stages of the election campaign only.

Vote unconditional granting of Trump presidency
and despite the announcement of winning the America ‘s presidential election, but the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump still needs a vote of another kind for the completion of the election process in accordance with the Constitution, which draws the electoral college members in every state separately, officially to vote in the action routinely gives Trump White House seat, and Mike pence vice president for the next four years, and meet the electoral college members Al538 on the boards of American States and the vote in the papers be sent later to the US Senate, and the US Constitution imposes on the members of the electoral college commitment to the outcome of the popular vote in their state.

Controversial Russian Americans
in the midst of controversy over the Russian intervention in the elections in favor of Trump voices calling for members of the Republican Electoral College to change their vote , although in favor of a third candidate, and only one member of the electoral college announces Texas intention to vote against Trump, and in the case did not reach any of the candidates No. 270 – member electoral college in the vote will be entrusted to the US House of Representatives choose the president and vice president, something that did not happen in the history of US elections since the founding of the US Constitution.

The repercussions of the US submarine , on
the other hand , said Chinese media and experts: The American submarine, seized by Chinese naval vessels in the South China Sea last week, are part of US attempts to survey the waterway disputed, came in an opinion piece published in the international edition of the newspaper the ruling Communist Party in China , the people, the US Navy ship ( Baodic) which operates the submarine has been overtaking when it comes to espionage operations against China, and the submarine surfaced in the South China Sea is a mountain summit ice only American military strategy , including about China », and the Pentagon has stated that the submarine was operating« legal manner »to collect data on salinity and temperature in the region , which lies about 50 miles off the coast of the Philippines.