Minister of Government Abadi: United States reinforce its military presence in Iraq indefinitely (Details)

Minister of Government Abadi: United States reinforce its military presence in Iraq indefinitely (Details)

18-12-2016 02:16 PM

Minister of Government Abadi - United States reinforce its military presence in Iraq indefinitelyEast News –
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Officials in Baghdad announced that the United States plans to expand its military presence in Iraq to about 10 thousand soldiers and military, will assume the tasks of combat support and other consulting as well as overseeing the rehabilitation of the Iraqi military programs.

They added that these missions and programs dedicated to developing expertise and military and technical skills of the teams and units that have been restructured after the invasion of the organization (Daesh) and large swathes of Iraq in 2014 ,

revealed a senior minister in the government of Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi in a press statement, that “Washington will not increase its presence areas the current military in its own province of Anbar, Baghdad and Nineveh province and the Kurdistan region rules, but it will increase the number of soldiers in those rules, as well as the deployment of control systems and monitoring of aerial and involved tasks re – land border between Iraq and Syria Close ‘.

He added the minister , who asked not to be named, said : ‘political parties, the Kurdish, Sunni, Christian and Turkmen and blocks, and the other representing the civil power in Iraq, welcomed the presence of (military US) and considered it the best solutions to stop Iranian hegemony over Iraq last expansion by tapping sheet organization Daesh ‘, as described.

He added that the ‘American agenda should be re-authorized the population to the cities which they were displaced during the battles with al Daesh and remove traces of the battles and assistance in building local police forces and intelligence services in those cities. ”

He pointed out that ‘Abadi in a rejection is not allowed to because of the impossibility of restoring Mosul and other cities , which is still controlled by Daesh, without American and international support. ”

There are currently about 7,800 US military in Iraq, including about five thousand troops ready for combat tasks, some of whom actually participated battles near Mosul last. They are distributed in the west, center and north of the country , military bases, the Habbaniyah base Ein al – Assad and third base south of Baghdad, and the camp is adjacent to the Baghdad International Airport, and in Nineveh east of Mosul, as well as a base in Arbil , the capital of the Kurdistan region, and Washington announced the end of October / October last, US soldier killed and another wounded battles near Mosul, according to a statement issued by the US Department of defense.