Kaabi describes America as “the head of evil” and accuses it of “obstruction” edit Mosul operations

Kaabi describes America as “the head of evil” and accuses it of “obstruction” edit Mosul operations

Friday, 16 December 2016 16:34

Kaabi describes America as the head of evil and accuses it of obstruction edit Mosul operationsAlsumaria News / Baghdad
Secretary General of the Movement nujaba description Akram al – Kaabi , on Friday, the United States as “evil head” in the world, and while he accused of “obstructing” the course of liberalization city operations Mosul from the grip of the ” Daesh “, he pointed out the existence of “interest” in Washington in the presence of the organization b Iraq .

Kaabi said in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of “great events and conflict detecting conspiracies behind them America, Britain and Israel,” adding, “I’ve got us out of the US occupation of Iraq afflicted.”

Kaabi said, “We have stood against the American project who wanted to Daesh sets the stage for America back,” adding that “the Islamic resistance foiled all projects Alzioomirkah in Iraq in particular and the region in general.”

He continued that “America tried to offer the popular crowd Khacd sectarian Shiites only,” pointing out that “the crowd where all spectra of the Iraqi Sunnis, Shiites and minorities.”

He explained that “the brothers in the Islamic Republic and Hezbollah have had a great attitude and a supervisor with us through the transfer of expertise and experience, we had major operations and quality against the American occupation.”

Among Kaabi, that “the presence of the Americans blocked liberalization of Mosul operations, because America has an interest Daesh presence in Iraq”, describing the United States as “the head of evil in the world.”

Experiencing Nineveh province since October 201,617 large-scale military operations to regain control of the city of Mosul, which ravaged the organization “Daesh” in June 2014, the Joint Iraqi forces have made remarkable progress led to the liberalization of a number of cities and regions, amid government pledges to maintain the infrastructure and re-displaced to the liberated areas.