A political source: secret meetings between them .. Maliki and Allawi constitute anti Front Ebadi (Details)

A political source: secret meetings between them .. Maliki and Allawi constitute anti Front Ebadi (Details)

06-11-2016 02:29 PM

A political source - secret meetings between them - Maliki and Allawi constitute anti Front EbadiOrbit News –

What to announce the return of the Vice President Nouri al-Maliki, and Iyad Allawi, to their posts judicial decision issued last month, even leaks suggest holding secret meetings between them provide for the formation of an anti Front for the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, during the post-liberation of Mosul appeared.

Political sources confirmed that this front will be formed to curb the wrong decisions of the latter which abolished the posts of Vice – President of the Republic last year, and deprived them of all their privileges, and ended the recent meetings held late last month a series, and earlier this month, between Maliki and Allawi, six years of estrangement between the two men , according to a political source in the ‘National Alliance’ ruling. He said an informed source in a press statement, the al – Maliki and Allawi did not tie any single meeting since the House of Representatives election in 2010. the then – first ranked list of Allawi (Iraqi List), obtaining 91 parliamentary seats. But eliminating the granting of Maliki ‘s coalition ( the coalition of state law) the right to form a government, although he came in second place with 89 parliamentary seats.

He added that the recent bilateral meetings resulted in an agreement in principle to form a front to coordinate stances towards the activation of the Constitution, and not to allow Ebadi violating again, according to their description. The source said that the meetings took place as a result of mediation made by deputies from the ‘National Alliance’, and thanks to the efforts made months ago . And that such a move would ensure the non – recurrence of the decisions , which they described Balkhatip to Ebadi, most notably the decision to abolish the posts of Vice – President of the Republic, an office he occupied until 2015, both Maliki and Allawi, as well as (former House Speaker) Osama Najafi.

The source added that ‘ the two sides agreed on the need for serious planning for the post – liberation of Mosul, which requires taking steps daring to limit the prime minister ‘s powers, even though it took the call for constitutional amendments’, stressing that al – Maliki has vowed to get Iranian support for the new front, in return for Allawi promoted in the Arab and regional ocean. it is noteworthy that the relationship between al – Maliki and Allawi soured dramatically in 2010, after the last description of the owners of the dictator, and accused him of rigging the parliamentary elections, as a result of a court decision granting the President of the ‘State of law’ right to form a government, although ‘ the Iraqi list , ‘headed by Allawi are issued election results. did not deny Allawi his meeting with al – Maliki, as he emphasized that the President of the ‘ State of law ‘ was visited at his home Finally, after his return from London, noting during a televised interview that he does not believe in work Balkhvah. He has already been criticized Allawi , the current prime minister, last year, when he made his decision to dismiss the Vice President of the Republic. He said in an interview: ‘I told Ebadi that he should invoke the Constitution in its decisions’, stressing that the Abadi replied that the decision came in response to the dismissal religious authority in Najaf. He pointed out that he will not be allowed ‘to the governors of things to deal with us, as they deal with the sheep , ‘ he said, explaining that with the move the path of reform, but according to the constitution. Allawi called to amend the political process, and the behavior of the path of citizenship, in order to promote a project of cross-affiliations State ethnic, religious, sectarian, regional, he said in his speech to mark the launch of the Foundation ‘s ‘I am a citizen’ of Iraq, that ‘it is time to get out of political sectarianism tunnel’.