Fox News: Iraqis with Trump

Fox News: Iraqis with Trump

November 1, 2016

Fox News - Iraqis with TrumpInterviews showed Fox News the US that the Iraqis are closely following the US presidential elections and prefer the arrival of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to power in the United States.

It is believed dozens of Iraqis of different sects and religions and levels of social degrees in several cities in Iraq, according to interviews, that Trump would be more assertive in dealing with terrorism issues, particularly in the country that has seen in the last two years a significant extension of the influence and control of the organization of the Islamic state Daesh.

The cast of the spoke to the American network blamed the Democratic Party candidate and former Minister of State Hillary Clinton’s policies, which they feel contributed to the instability in the Middle East.

According to Fox, there is a consensus among Iraqis, despite the fact that many of them feel that the United States abandoned them because of the invasion, followed by withdrawal before achieving stability, the need for long-term US presence in their country and solid relations between Washington and Baghdad.

Source: Fox News