Nightmare email haunt Hillary

Nightmare email haunt Hillary

30-10-2016 07:40 PM

Nightmare email haunt HillaryOrbit News –

She spent the candidate the Democratic US presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton’s weekend strenuous tried to contain the complications currently FBI (FBI) re-open the issue of use of an e-mail special has filled the post of Secretary of State between 2009 and 2013, which shook the race against Republican challenger Donald Trump nine days before the vote. Also did not rule out other surprises and leaks against Trump’s appearance in the final days of the campaign.

And he cited a letter addressed to the Director of «FBI» James Comey to congressional committees: «I learned there is more e-mails related to the investigation, and agreed to take appropriate measures to review steps», while the newspaper «New York Times» reported that «the messages found in the office is not for Clinton but to help her imaginary slaves, and fall within the framework of the investigation into her ex-husband Anthony Weiner scandal, and exchanged pornographic messages with the girl in the 16-year-old from North Carolina ».

The newspaper pointed out that the use of slaves who accompanied Clinton throughout the decades homemade computers to send private messages to her work at the State may be behind reconsider the case.

With public opinion waits for a new clarification from Kumi, network «NBC» ruled disclose any information before the date of the vote because of the time needed by «FBI» slaves to review the messages. She pointed out that no messages from Clinton in the new installment, «what is likely the focus of the investigation to help the Democratic candidate».

But more importantly, the Republican currently Kumi is the timing, which many saw as «October surprise new may change the course of the race, and help the candidate Trump», the opening of this announcement fire on Kumi from Democrats and senior deputies in the Ministry of Justice criticized the «accession to the independence of the investigation and his concubine».

And he demanded that Clinton, in a brief press conference, Comey b «uncover the facts and any information in its possession».

She added: «11 days separate us from what may be the most important national election in our lives. Voting began, Americans have the right to be seen immediately on all the facts ».

As the Democratic candidate tried to minimize the importance of the electoral Alkhaddh Declaration Kumi, stressing that the American voter «not busy Beridha mail», Trump said that the scandal in the «Watergate size» that toppled former President Richard Nixon.

To be sure, Trump is trying to build on the scandal to rally right-wing base, while polls showed that Republican voters began to unite around the candidate, which means a close race to win, and the exclusion of the overwhelming results of any of the candidates, and the direction of attention once again to the states of Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio that form since 2000 «Triangle traditional »crucial presidential races.

And it reflected the opinion polls yesterday, Clinton continued progress on Trump’s less margin of between 3 or 4 points. But the campaign of fear that the developments adversely affect the electoral turnout and enthusiasm among Democrats, note that it is seeking to recruit President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden and star left Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the last week, with a focus on the states of decisiveness.