Iraqis and Americans are watching treasure Information from the battle of Mosul

Iraqis and Americans are watching treasure Information from the battle of Mosul

25/10/2016 0:00

Iraqis and Americans are watching treasure Information from the battle of MosulEric Schmidt TIMHCS CIRE / for The New York Times
plans to the Pentagon to send more than a dozen intelligence analysts to Iraq to study the treasure of information , which is expected to get it through the process , which was launched to restore the city of Mosul from the hand of «Daesh.» Such information may provide new clues about possible terrorist attacks in Europe.
The views of
these analysts will work in accordance with the specific priorities of : the Iraqi army post any sensitive information available related to the battle of Mosul, offering views of the in- depth useful to US officials , who are planning to attack the tenderness that the actual capital of the organization in eastern Syria, the search for evidence pointing to the whereabouts of the organization ‘s leader terrorist Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi, and search for any related cells terror in Europe and attacks that may have been planning their information and Atn.ataleg brigade «Gary Wolski Gary J. Volesky» commander US ground forces in Iraq to Mosul description «crown jewel» in Iraq, pointing out that more than two years have elapsed since the entrenched terrorists in Mosul, adds: «obviously we’re going to get intelligence information we can use them.»

Hard disks
say intelligence officials and the fight against terrorism , the Europeans that they are looking forward impatiently to enable the extraction of information stored on the hard drives of computers and cell phones and files , recruitment and other resources when Iraqi forces moving into the city in the coming weeks. Those officials fear that the wave of defection among the terrorists spoke in front of the campaigns by challenging them in Mosul and Alrqh.qubl it was information that could be obtained from the military operations in the previous two battles against «Daesh» ( the first in eastern Syria in May 2015 and the other newer ones in Manbej) It has provided for officials the Americans and the allies look plain window about the command structure, financing and recruiting the «Daesh», as the troops got records include detailed data on 40 thousand fighters of the organization they belong to more than 120 countries flocked to Syria and Iraq to fight among this month said « Brett Mcgork Brett H. McGurk »envoy Obama to the coalition , which is fighting« Daesh »:« if it falls in our hands phone one dead Daesh in Manbej and found the telephone numbers in any capital or city in the world would involve the alliance members with this information so they can make their own investigations. I’ve started this style gives off the speed of light, but we want it to be faster. »

Electronic records
is now clear that leaders were« Daesh »in Mosul will try to destroy electronic and paper records before the takeover by Iraqi forces and US advisors them. Regulation of «Daesh» keeps very detailed and accurate records, so it is not known if these are prepared leaders to take such a big step.
Officials say the devices law enforcement and counter – terrorism Europeans that the data flowing out of Iraq and Syria, format exchange my information among Western governments, It continued to improve at a steady pace since the terrorist strikes that hit Paris and Brussels last year. He says «John Debickr Johan De Becker» head of the western neighborhoods Police in the city of Brussels: « A lot has changed since the Paris attacks , we have made a lot of progress in the field of broadcast signals on the national and international levels regarding foreign terrorists fighters.» For their part , US officials acknowledge they face the task of characterized the challenge is to collect, analyze and disseminate information group that Ststhsal of Mosul operations to Iraqi agencies and Western intelligence, information that is expected to dwindle before them the information obtained the of Manbej which size was 20 terabytes (one terabyte is equivalent to the contents of about a million books.)

intelligence support ,
US officials say the joint Chiefs of staff at the Pentagon and the Agency for defense intelligence has Fortan Iraqis intelligence support over two years, but there was no battle comparable in terms of size or scope of the battle of the restoration of the city of Mosul, where he is still about half of the former residents of the city’s population of about two million people, where did not get out of it.
the coalition led by the United States that has the ability to provide intelligence support in Mosul , the process for a number of partners forces beyond all of the above to deal with it by restoring other cities operations, and including those of the Iraqi army and a device that police and counter – terrorism, as well as the peshmerga fighters of the Kurds. As a result it has been sending dozens of analysts , information civilians and military personnel to various locations in Iraq, in addition to extra Alstmih soldiers who have recently deployed the army. Most of these analysts arrived at their designated sites before launching an attack of Mosul, but some of them are still arriving in low numbers.

Deluge of information
says Colonel «John Dorian John L. Dorrian» chief US military spokesman in Baghdad: «while the liberated city of such size Mosul us to expect influx of a huge amount of information. For our part , now have sufficient forces in operations mission Theater move quickly once the thaw window or opportunity arose to take the initiative to work on them. »It goes Dorian saying:« likely to deluge follows information provides us with intimal look at the depth of the networks «Daesh», not only in Iraq and Syria, as well as on the means and modalities they use to export their terror to around the world , and some dealers with them and how they get funding. »senior counter – terrorism officials , the Americans believe that these things are very important, because« Daesh »will remain able to carry out deadly attacks even after losing the «rule of succession» in Iraq and Syria. Last month «Nicholas Rasmussen Nicholas J. Rasmussen» director of the National Counterterrorism Center , said: «In my opinion , that Daesh ability and potential on the implementation of the attacks in Syria and Iraq or outside of them did not weaken significantly so far, and the pace of attacks and terrorist activities associated with the group in Europe and other places of the world remind us the extent to which its arms to reach around the earth. »then continued warning:« this ability to implement foreign operations was to grow and establish itself it created over the past two years, I do not think that defeat on the battlefield or the loss of the land alone would be enough to wipe out the terrorist capabilities of the group fully. »

translation – Anis al – Saffar