Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-1-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-1-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions10-1-2016 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “The Peshmerga under the command of al-Abadi and increase the budget of the Kurdistan” it appears this recent visit in Baghdad by the Kurds (which hasn’t happened in a long time)… went VERY well…(almost as a “side note” it appears they are hammering out a new Oil deal… I would more expect it to be along the lines of the last, for expediencies sakes – “codified” in the next budget…) rather than a legit HCL… (which is fine)… it all works


10-1-2016 Newshound Guru mike Article: “Financial problem in Mesopotamia (the crisis generated crises) when dealing with (economic crisis) in Iraq? The causes and solutions? Why occupy Iraq is full of opportunities and resources armies of the unemployed?” Quote: “what we thought previously a good price (1500 dinars per US dollars) is no longer enough now.” This guy is opposed to the idea of lowering the rate of the dinar to 1500-1, he states very clearly that a stronger dinar would be better for the citizens. Maintaining the status quo will continue to drain the reserves, if they don’t make a move soon, the options available will be limited. He’s also firmly against the trend Iraq has taken regarding trying to borrow their way out of the pickle they’re in, it’s not a long term solution, they’re putting a band-aid on a bullet hole.

10-1-2016 Newshound Guru mike I know we’re all counting on the beginning of 2017, but I remember when they said Iraq would join the world in the middle of 2016 and that never materialised. Here’s hoping they can make good on their claim for 2017, it’s clear that what they’re doing now is moving the country backward, not forward…who would have thought we’d be sitting here in 2016 at 1182. Iraq needs a non-sectarian, transparent government wIth the political will to improve the quality of life for the citizens and advance the country. Your move, Abadi.

10-1-2016 Newshound Guru mike When I first got into this the official rate was 1170-1 and then dropped to 1166-1. Last year the dinar took a small hit and the value went to 1182-1, which I never thought I’d see, we’ve been expecting a raise in the rate, not a decrease. As of yesterday, the street, or market rate for the dinar is 1291-1, roughly 9%. The MCP cannot exceed 2% so we’re far from IMF MCP compliance.

9-30-20216 Intel Guru ADMINBILL Friday is upon us once again. But will this Friday be different? This is the last Friday of the month, of the quarter and of the fiscal year. My sources continue to say we will see this on or before the 10th with a high probability of Monday. All we can do is keep watching and listening and pray they are correct.

9-30-2016 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke […based on the events of the past 72-hours, are you still confident for “Calling This RV” for Monday, October 03rd 2016?] We are completely prepared to be “Tortured, Ridiculed, Slain, Burned at the stake, Blamed, Caballed, Deviled, Evil-ed, Disavowed, Discredited, Favor-less, and completely Obliterated” by all of Dinarland…if it doesn’t. With a Smile on our Face…YES.

9-30-2016 Intel Guru SteveI Article: “A government official: There is a shortage in the domestic market Dinars” Quote: “the fiscal policy of the Iraqi government in general is facing a shortage of Iraqi dinars in the local market.” This problem is about to change in the very near future. Hang in there.