Hakim: National Alliance to reach out to all partners .. and Abadi: Iraq today is stronger than ever

Hakim: National Alliance to reach out to all partners .. and Abadi: Iraq today is stronger than ever [Extended]

Posted, 10.01.2016 23:42

Hakim - National Alliance to reach out to all partners and Abadi - Iraq today is stronger than ever[Oan- Baghdad]
announced the National Alliance leader Ammar al – Hakim, the Alliance “extend a hand of cooperation with all partners and political forces , ” while Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said that “Iraq has become stronger than ever.”
He said al – Hakim told a joint news conference with al – Abadi with members of the political body of the National Alliance after meeting them on Friday evening, said that ” the National Alliance to these meetings expressed its meat and its cohesion and unity dramatically this step and will continue in the regular meetings of the three bodies and leading political and public.”
He added that the “coalition” will deliberate in the overall files and issues sensitive raised in the political arena in the country to form a unified vision and is reaching out to partners in the national scene , because our coalition is a national alliance and our project a national project and can not go , but when we consult and reach an understanding and put hand in hand with our national arena . ”
Hakim stressed that” whenever Antdm alliance whenever they are our strongest and ability to understanding with key partners in the national arena largest proceed national project shared by everyone to serve the homeland and the citizen and this is what check our meeting today. ”
on questioning the House of Representatives continued to government ministers and the sacking of some description leader National Alliance as “confusing the Iraqi street and some of them did not pass the natural contexts for the work of the parliament.”
Hakim said, that ” the supervisory role is clear roles for the House of Representatives and we are keen to take the constitutional institutions of the context of its work and functions properly and clear, but also everyone knows that we are a tiger conditions exceptional and we are preparing for the battle of Mosul , as well as the economic and security situation and the general political situation in Iraq and the region is not are conditions unusual and all this requires us to take these developments and events into consideration. ”
He added that” the large number of interrogations make the street Iraq stretched continuously and state institutions in a state of political instability to the nature of the battle coming in addition to some of these interrogations did not pass the natural required contexts in the House of Representatives. ”
he noted , ” usually the minister hosted in the relevant parliamentary committee and give him a number of questions in the resources at hand van were his answers convincing it ends at the hosting and were not convinced when it turns into position to the stages and steps later. ”
He continued , ” but that sometimes turn the case in dealing with these matters in a way extends beyond these measures and natural contexts under these exceptional circumstances , this is an issue were the views of the entire National Alliance forces towards it . ”
the National Alliance leader “we put the issue of interrogations on the agenda of the leadership and the political body meeting of arrivals and discuss the matter in greater detail , ” he said , adding “we would like to be Thalvia stance and attitude seats in consultation with other parliamentary forces to drug administrator who maintains the role of the House of Representatives on the one hand, which takes into consideration all these developments Alsaasah of on the other hand. ”
for his part , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the importance of the unity of political forces to strengthen its military build – up in the face of terrorism , ” stressing that “Iraq today is stronger than ever.”
Park Abadi, “for all Iraqis this great victories achieved by our fighters heroes they are the secret of our existence to defend the supply and the holy sites and the country became the next step is to edit the city of Mosul , considering that many areas of Nineveh editor and is now heading towards the liberalization of Mosul , a process which has become imminent. ”
” there were calls for national cohesion and leave the political differences, and I thank the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr for its cooperation in this regard and the Liberal bloc for attending this meeting. ”
he added that” this meeting today is a step towards greater political rallying to achieve more victories and Iraq is passing through a critical phase but it will move us forward world wants to help Iraq to its success in countering terrorism and in what is happening to the country of real establishment of democracy and assign political forces in general. ”
He stressed Abadi” We want to minimize the political differences at this sensitive stage , “noting that” the strengthening of the National Alliance is to strengthen each other political blocs and we are seeking through it unite to defend Iraq and achieve success and our goal in the National Alliance in the political government is the Iraqi citizen service. ”
and the battle to liberate Mosul, the Prime Minister pointed out, that” our message is clear to our people in Mosul that our security forces are eager to your security and eager to Tharirkm from the oppression of Daesh and expecting the arrival of our troops soon and we want cooperation of locals with security forces to eliminate Daesh, we do not want casualties among civilians while maintaining the infrastructure and restore services and we will achieve this victory and raise the Iraqi flag and liberate all of Iraq from the tyranny of Daesh. ”
on questioning the parliament for ministers and dismiss ministers, Abadi said , ” I was hoping that does not offload these government these positions urgency and I wanted a deadline to fill the vacuum other ministries and then questioned the rest of the ministers, but this happened. ”
he stressed that the interrogations and dismiss ministers” did not affect the work of the government so far and preparations for the Liberation of Mosul list in full swing and the support is still in place and our forces liberated victories and was editor Shirqat Azwaip record time has the surprise of everyone. ”
he added , ” As for our relations with the Interior was to have a meeting yesterday with the President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani , and was successful to consolidate loops of national unity within a unified Iraq unified federal “stressing that” Iraq today is stronger than any time past and closer to unite and strength and steadfastness together. ”
he stressed Abadi “There are no problems in the government administration, but I’m not [Superman] [Superman] and I can not ader several ministries that one and that I will soon be candidates for these ministries to parliament to fill the void.”
for his part, head of the political delegation of the Liberal bloc MP Jaafar al – Moussawi, for full compatibility for all the points and the conditions provided by the Sadrist movement to the presidency of the National Alliance for the return to the meetings.