Disclose the real reason behind the request-Abbadi of America to send more advisers (Details)

Disclose the real reason behind the request-Abbadi of America to send more advisers (Details)

29-09-2016 01:06 PM

Disclose the real reason behind the request-Abbadi of America to send more advisersOrbit News –
London-based Arab newspaper

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s inability to manage internal differences on the liberalization of Mosul resorted to the United States to play a regulating role of the battle, forcing his opponents internally, especially the popular crowd, to accept the status quo.

This comes as observers saw that Astnejad Abadi Americans to manage the battle of Mosul arrangements and leadership suggests that betting on Washington than others to ensure his political future in Iraq, especially in light of his differences with Iran’s immediate allies.

Ebadi said on Wednesday that Washington would send more US trainers and advisers to help the Iraqi forces in the battle for the restoration of the city of Mosul of al Daesh.

He said a statement posted on its website “has been consulting with US President Barack Obama at the request of the Iraqi government for recent increase of the number of US trainers and advisers under the international coalition umbrella in Iraq to provide attribution of Iraqi security forces, the heroine in the fight looming for the Liberation of Mosul and has approved the request of the government.”

And support this request US official Wednesday, stressing that his country is ready to send more troops to help the Iraqis.

The official added, “in consultation with the Government of Iraq, the United States is prepared to provide additional US military personnel to train and advise the Iraqis with the increase in preparations for the campaign of Mosul.”

The number of soldiers and advisers Americans who request the Iraqis did not know.

Abadi met with Obama and Vice President Joe Biden last week on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly in New York, although it is not clear whether the deal would have been there.

Observers considered Followers of the Iraq war, the Iraqi prime minister does not have the elements of a fully-making power on the connector because the matter in dispute Iraqi, regional, and in order not to the city transformed into a war booty, resorting to the United States is tantamount to ending the controversial status of the affair doomed.

The government became convinced that a new day of victory for Daesh could lead to the downfall of the existing system, a fragile system, rive corruption and weakened by political divisions.

The central government in Baghdad does not trust the capabilities of its military combat and secured the consequences of the participation of the popular crowd or the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, so I sought the help of US forces can be a guarantee of their presence out of the crisis.

He said an Iraqi political observer that the Americans have the means to put pressure on the organization Daesh into the connector not owned by the other parties involved in the case. It means intelligence high-resolution, would constitute reassure city residents messages, where the US presence is a sort of dam, which prevents the city from sliding into civil war, the Holocaust unexpected, especially after what happened with the restoration of other areas.

The Iraqi observer told the “Arabs” The “Battle of the restoration of the connector is basically an American option tried to Iraqi and regional parties of his disability, but need teetering government under the blows of corruption scandals to victory strengthens the domestic situation is so paid option again to the fore.”

Controlled confusion on the positions of the Iraqi prime minister to bet on the popular militias, the crowd in the restoration of the areas under the control of Daesh. The Abadi bet that the Iraqi forces could take over the task of liberation, but the pressure made him an Iranian review their account and calls for a greater role for the crowd. He attended Abadi mid-July last big military parade attended by a number of Iraqi security leaders and the leaders of the militias, the popular crowd, the understanding at the time that the acceptance of the Abadi move under the wing of Iran’s political and military paraphernalia in Baghdad.

Observers guessed that rotated the Iraqi prime minister to be about the US role message to his opponents that he has multiple papers to install his situation.

He said US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, on Wednesday, said his country would send about 600 extra troops to Iraq.

The US General Joseph Votal, which oversees American forces in the Middle East, had said last July that he expected that the US military is seeking to increase the number of troops in Iraq.

Currently, there are at least 4,400 American soldiers in Iraq as part of the coalition led by Washington, which provides air support and intensive training and advice to the Iraqi army after the collapse in 2014 against the blitz, which was carried out by the organization Daesh. But the American presence corresponds rejected by parties loyal to Iran.

He says US and Iraqi leaders that progress towards the city may begin in the second half of October. The current number of American troops in Iraq remains a fraction of their numbers during the height of the occupation, which lasted nine years, which amounted to 170 thousand troops.

With no desire to get involved in another conflict abroad, the White House insisted there would be no US ground troops on the ground.