Abadi assures Barzani keen to resolve outstanding issues with the Kurdistan [Extended]

Abadi assures Barzani keen to resolve outstanding issues with the Kurdistan [Extended]

09/29/2016 18:17

Abadi assures Barzani keen to resolve outstanding issues with the Kurdistan[Where-Baghdad]
Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi stressed his commitment to resolve outstanding issues with the Kurdistan region, calling for community and political reconciliation and cooperation of everyone to achieve victories and the face of economic challenges.
He called al – Abadi told a news conference on Thursday after the extended meeting with a delegation from the province of Kurdistan , headed by Massoud Barzani , president of the region in the presence of leaders of blocs of political and a number of members of the Presidency and members of the House of Representatives, to face the great challenges faced by the country by everyone in the same vim and determination and the unity of our troops armed. ”

Prime Minister pointed out that” the battle to liberate Mosul important, decisive and active fighters from the army and police and to mobilize popular and tribal and Peshmerga we will achieve victory , as we have achieved in Shirqat Qayyarah and Fallujah , a large number of cities, villages and towns and this is what demonstrates the ability of our fighters , heroes, and reaffirming that this year will be the year the complete liberation of the Iraqi territories. ”

he added that” the purpose of this operation edit citizen so we put in our plans the importance of reducing the losses of civilians and our heroine , “stressing that” it is necessary not to be a goal of the battle is the conflict on the ground , but freeing people from the oppression Daesh gangs. ”
He stressed his commitment to” resolve the outstanding issues with the Kurdistan Regional protracted stressing that the natural resources of oil and gas are the property of all Iraqis.
He stressed ” the importance of the continuation of meetings to resolve the outstanding issues and we are giving powers to the provinces a way that makes the country stronger in light of joint action and sincerity. ”
for his part , Barzani said that” we have come today to express our support of Ebadi and his government and the efforts of the edits and cooperation to overcome all the obstacles and challenges that stand in the government, including the financial crisis and the issue of displaced persons, and we are ready to make efforts for it, supporting the invitation of Prime Minister to achieve genuine national reconciliation for the sake of the country. ”