Abadi confirms the international community declare 2016 the year of victory on Daesh in Iraq

Abadi confirms the international community declare 2016 the year of victory on Daesh in Iraq [Extended]

Posted, 23.9.2016 22:45

Abadi confirms the international community declare 2016 the year of victory on Daesh in Iraq[Oan- Baghdad]
announced Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, said Iraq was determined to be 2016 in the victory over Daesh terrorist gangs.
Ebadi said in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly: A year ago we stood here and there were vast tracts of Iraqi territory occupied by the organization Daesh terrorist, and today we stand in the same place declare before you that Iraq is liberated and that the Iraqis were able to edit most of their land and their cities their unity and their will and are heading this days for the Liberation of Nineveh, the last province remained , however Daesh has regained important regions , including fully and we will continue to edit this year.
and tell you that the heroic Iraqi forces have achieved a new victory today edit Sharqat during the forty – eight hours , a record time, and the cooperation of the locals who welcomed the troops liberated, and I congratulate the people Iraqi fighters brave sons of Sharqat this victory.
We have declared 2016 year of liberation and victory, and it was our main objective is the liberation of man before the land and save the civilian population from Daesh that wiped out all aspects of life and destroyed evidence of civilization ancient civilization of Mesopotamia.
We have started with the help of friends in the international community the implementation of re – citizens who migrated Daesh to their towns liberated and put an integrated program to restore stability and services to them, primarily water, electricity, schools, hospitals and services program, and call on the international community to further support for the program of sheltering and re – private displaced with the approach of resolving the battle to liberate the province of Nineveh and expectations increasing number of displaced
in a time to thank the both stood with our people in the face of economic and security challenges, we look forward to further support and cooperation, and we commend the role of the United Nations in helping Iraq in the humanitarian field and address the IDP issues, and the support provided by the international coalition against terrorism, as the anthem with the support the World Bank and the international Monetary Fund and the rest chock international organizations for the plans and the efforts of the Iraqi government in the reform of the Iraqi economy and overcome the financial crisis and plans for the fight against corruption, and look appreciated the positive attitude of the countries of the seven big industrial and for the donors ‘ conference held recently in Washington.
in the field of financial and economic reform , the government has implemented an ambitious reform agenda to cut government spending large proportions despite the challenges of the need to continue spending the war and sustain the fight against terrorism.
The government has initiated the restructuring of many state institutions within the administrative reform steps and placed priority service of the citizen and the simplification of procedures and raise a lot of obstacles and facilitate dealing with citizen mechanisms and raise obstacles to increased investment, the government has sought to promote ways of partnership with the private sector.
in the field of fight against corruption has been the signing of a memorandum of understanding with UNDP United Nations to take advantage of international expertise to help Iraq build its capacity to fight the scourge of corruption, we have seen the past few weeks practical steps in this area.
we look forward to one day soon be the evacuation of Iraq and the region of Daesh, but our happiness to Ataatm but a world free of terrorism , which threatens our peoples and our countries, which requires cooperation Jada to surround and drying intellectual and financial headwaters and destroy networks and recruitment centers scattered all over the world, and without this cooperation will terror everywhere and it will increase the preparation of refugees fleeing the conflict zones which reached dangerous levels and unprecedented. We
assure you ladies and gentlemen that Daesh is the real enemy of the Muslims before others, have killed Muslims thousands of people and destroyed many Arab and Muslim countries and then transferred evil to the capitals and cities of the world other and killed and terrorized civilians in France, Belgium, Germany, America, Russia and the rest of the world .. we have no non – cooperation option for the victory in our fight against terrorism .. and we promise a victory achieved against Daesh anywhere in the world is a victory for the whole world.
the risk of recurrence of the formation or composition of terrorist organizations like al – Qaeda or Daesh will not end by addressing extremist ideology of these backward groups in thought and based in their approach to distinguish sectarian and thought hostile to all religions and beliefs and fueled by inadequate vision that missed on our construction and reconstruction opportunities and opportunities for development and evolution.
the face of this malignant lesion that has developed between some of the young people taking advantage of frustration and despair that are suffering because of poverty and under – development programs, requires real pause of States and concerned organizations to review programs and educational curricula and Intellectuality and remove the feelings of frustration and absorb the energies Youth and cut the road in front of any other attempts to reshape such terrorist organizations in the future.
The Daesh which claimed falsely falsely defend Sunnis killing Shiites, Sunnis and Christians, Yazidis and Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Shabak, hideous crimes included all the Iraqi spectrum and varied between atonement and the displacement and exile for women and genocide and the destruction of antiquities, mosques, churches, and witnessing her cities Amerli, Sinjar, Taza, Anbar and Mosul, Salahuddin, Diyala and massacre victims Spyker, along with terrorist attacks cowardly on unarmed civilians in Baghdad neighborhoods and the rest of the provinces of Iraq.
We have been in Iraq to employees of external impact on the stability and economic and social growth, Besides terrorism faced falling world oil price crisis , which lose finance our budget more than 70 percent of its revenues with the increasing costs of military, security and burdens to liberate the Iraqi cities of terror.
it was natural that reflected negatively on the development, investment and reconstruction plans, and with all these difficult and serious challenges we move in the implementation of our comprehensive reform and the fight against pervasive in the joints of the state and society of corruption, a program realized since the beginning of its launch it at least difficult and dangerous for the face of terrorism, but we are determined to implement it in spite of all the challenges, we are optimistic of victory in the battle of the reforms also won and liberated our land because we and our people stand in the same trench to fight terrorism and corruption and work together to build a state on the basis of peaceful coexistence and respect for the intellectual, religious and sectarian diversity under the rule of the values and the principles of justice and equality.
the battle in which Iraqis waged against Daesh all Iraqis a stake in the victory achieved, namely the battle of national and existential and unconventional where all the Iraqi people participate without discrimination, and that the forces of the army and the federal police and local police and the crowd and popular tribal and Peshmerga forces belonging to different religions and nationalities, sects and united by the goal of one is the defense of their homeland and their holy places, and enjoy this defense with the support of religious authority led by the wisdom of His Eminence , Sayyed Ali al – Sistani , who represents a safety valve where it formed the historical fatwa impetus to rally all the people of Iraq and met with broad support from religious scholars from all sects and all sections of the people.
Iraq is keen the participation of countries in the world by seeking actively to achieve development and to meet [ the goals of sustainable development and the fight against poverty, discrimination and preservation of the environment and the development of childhood and improve health and education levels of welfare programs, and guide us in this is to provide appropriate and supportive of freedoms and human rights, equality and the active participation of women in state and community environment.
we call countries of the world to adhere to UN security Council resolutions relating to the prevention support, financing and arming of terrorist groups, and the resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations to save the antiquities of Iraq ‘s cultural heritage, and we refer here to the Iraqi achievement check in cooperation with UNESCO , where the inclusion of the marshes in southern Iraq to the world Heritage list we are currently working to meet the annexation of the rest of the sites and cultural treasures of Iraq ‘s requirements. we
take this opportunity to call on the international community to focus its efforts and its potential to end the conflict and stop the war and to support peace and security and promoting development opportunities, and stay away from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries ‘ policies, which are policies that have increased the suffering of the peoples and deepened the divisions in our region , which is still suffering from internal wars and external interventions exacerbated the suffering of the civilian population to dangerous levels.
we appeal to the international community to support and respect the sovereignty of Iraq and demand from Turkey to withdraw its troops from Iraq , where the presence of these forces , despite the Iraqis refused her hamper our efforts to liberate the province of Nineveh [Mosul].
the Iraqi government is serious work to achieve peaceful coexistence between the Iraqi people and dealing with all citizens on the basis of good citizenship and equal in different religions and sects and nationalities and their constituents. We
renew our thanks to the United nations and friendly countries for its pro-Iraq and its people in its humanitarian programs and diverse care IDPs and displaced persons and support the Iraqi government ‘s efforts to establish security and stability and to achieve the reforms and economic development sought by our people.