Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 9-21-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 9-21-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions9-21-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 I believe IMO Abadi is giving Obama a full report right now…not on Mosul… because that is over with…not on terrorism because that is pretty controlled…but on corruption that was destroying and delaying the Monetary and Economic Reforms that the IMF demanded be done before November. This past week the market got out of hand…those that know how to steal and make money are making their last gasp…it is 1166 that is the exchange rate…but the street rate got all the way up to 1300…the CBI was getting hammered by the market…and the next thing you know…”The IMF is Telling You to Reduce the Dollar Exchange Rate”…intervene urgently…adjust the exchange rate…this is continual pressure… I got a feeling that Iraq is going to raise the value of their currency IMO…and I have a feeling the CBI is ready and poised…because they have been escorted by not only the IMF, UST, WB, BIS…but by us…the USA…to be in position to raise the value of their currency…they are right now to be in a perfect situation…

9-21-2016 Newshound Guru mike Article: “IraqÂ?s Shrinking Revenues, the I.M.F. and the Oil Dilemma ” Quote: “The suggested reform program is very ambitious. It aims, according to the I.M.F., to bring spending in line with lower global oil prices…” …when I read articles like this the IMF is doing exactly what they should be doing. They’re insuring that the only real business model in Iraq stays afloat and the IOC’s get paid, otherwise, these folks will pull up stakes and then Iraq really will be in a jam because without oil, there’s very little else generating revenue. The numbers are staggering, Maliki and company brokered these deals when the price was $100 a barrel, now that it’s dropped to below $50, To keep payments at that rate when the oil price hit $30/barrel (or bbl), Iraq had to allocate more than three times that volume. This is more than 50 percent of its total oil exports that represent close to 90 percent of its budgeted revenues. Iraq had less oil to export and at a lower price, generating less and less revenues. The model is unsustainable, something has to change quickly.

9-21-2016 RUMOR Guru Bruce When the G20 meeting took place and Paris agreement was ratified by all parties…it included the RV and GCR. It was a done deal at that time, it was agreed upon. What has happened at the UN was very positive in terms of Iraq. Abadi did meet with Obama yesterday…The result will be positive for us. Iraq has received complete sovereignty finally. All their sanctions were removed. They are the 209th nation admitted into the World Counsel of the UN. The second thing they were instructed at the UN was to go ahead to revalue the Iraqi dinar immediately. What does immediately mean? Whatever immediately means, we are going to take as very good news. The understanding is they think Abadi has to return to Iraq. That meeting was going to finish around 9est time tonight [Tuesday]. Then the possibility he has to head back and make announcement in country.

9-21-2016 RUMOR Guru Bruce I believe everything is in the Gazette couple of days ago and visible. Bank reforms, new laws are all in the Gazette, published and online both. Iraq is done. Everything is a go from Iraq’s perspective. Everything is very positive. That part is good. They got their sovereignty, part of the World Counsel and were told to revalue their currency to make the rate availability immediately… We understand the CBI is connected to the IEX and the minute they put a new rate on it, it will be seen immediately on the system. My understanding was the IEX was to replace Forex. The final access codes are to be entered. The rates are very good to our knowledge. They may have gone slightly up. What we know, it is going to be fantastic guys. Pretty much we are looking for a sort of any time now scenario.

9-21-2016 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Articles: “Parliament dismisses Hoshyar Zebari” “Jubouri: We will respect the Federal Court ‘s decision on answers Zebari” Quote: “House of Representatives voted to dismiss Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari on the background of corruption charges” Parliament dismisses Hoshyar Zebari…Which is – (all of their pursuit of corruption) – one of the key points the IMF has made to them… they HAVE TO DEAL with it…they are doing exactly what the IMF has advised them they must do… Quote: “…the first phase of the standby credit agreement with the international Monetary Fund included several reform requirements of the Iraqi economy, and performance standards, and financial management reform…” …they are responding to their IMF supervision.

9-20-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 …there are about 21 provinces in Iraq…and they are preparing themselves to take care of the citizens of Iraq…I like this a lot…this is a very…very big step…because the citizens IMO were left for the very last part of their reforms…Monetary and Economic Reforms… IMO…you saw a lot of evidence this week that went by…the displaced citizens are being brought back…

9-20-2016 Newshound Guru rcookie Article: “Iraqi judiciary: general amnesty law implemented from the date of approval” Quote: “A spokesman for the federal judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar said the amnesty law provided for the implementation of pre-publication in the Official Gazette.”

9-20-2016 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke IGNORE all the information on “Note Counts”, with ANY Country. It’s SIMPLE. Everyone wants the same thing: FIRST, Iraq to make their Dinar currency, Officially, Publicly International in status, so that it can be traded, used & exchanged around the world, at your local bank. SECOND, for Iraq to increase the value, higher than the program rate range of 1166-1300, where it’s been for years. For Vietnam Dong, it’s even simpler, because they already have an Internationally traded currency, that can ALREADY be traded & exchanged at just about any bank, around the world…THEY just have to increase their rate, from the range of 22,200-22,500, where it’s also been for years.


9-20-2016 Newshound Guru mike Article: “The World Bank does not want to dismiss Zebari and considers it contrary to “loan agreement” Quote: “The World Bank sent a signal to the government and parliament has custody of the dismissal of the Minister of Finance,” pointing out that “the sacking Zebari, contrary to what was agreed upon with Iraq in obtaining international loans.” [The world bank knows that Zebari is being persecuted for being a whistle blower against Maliki and his cronies.] Ditto… This is another witch hunt by the Reform Front, they’re doing everything they can to destablilize Abadi’s government from the inside out.

9-20-2016 Newshound Guru rcookie Article: “Parliament will reconvene tomorrow to vote on the withdrawal of confidence from Zebari or not” …TOMORROWS AGENDA…APPROVE AND DISCUSS A NUMBER OF THE DRAFT LAWS…AS WELL AS VOTE ON THE WITHDRAWL OF CONFIDENCE FROM ZEBARI.

9-20-2016 Intel/Newshound Guru Backdoc Article quote: “…the Ministry of Planning in cooperation with the ministries of commerce and communication to the application of the electronic card system, as an alternative to paper in the delivery of the ration card items to citizens.” EXCELLENT ARTICLE…! AGAIN WE HAVE MORE CONFIRMATION OF THE DIGITAL E-DINAR. AS THEY STATE HERE…THEY WANT TO USE THE PAYMENT CARD WHICH WILL DECREASE THE NEED FOR CASH! THIS WILL ALLOW IRAQ TO KEEP THE NEED FOR CASH TO A MINIMUM AND THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO KEEP PULLING IN PAPER TO REDUCE THEIR NOTE COUNT EVEN FURTHER!