House of Representatives withdraw confidence from Zebari .. and al-Jubouri, the Minister of Finance is an article

House of Representatives withdraw confidence from Zebari .. and al-Jubouri, the Minister of Finance is an article [Extended]

9/21/2016 15:57

House of Representatives withdraw confidence from Zebari[Oan- Baghdad]
House of Representatives voted in its regular , headed by Salim al – President of the Council and in the presence of 249 deputies, on Wednesday, on the withdrawal of confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari , in addition to voting on the bills.
At the outset of the session Jubouri congratulated the Iraqi people Eid Adha , wishing them more victories and alive heroes fighters in surveys battlefield in Sharqat, Mosul and Anbar to confront terrorism, comforter martyrs of the terrorist attacks that occurred ahead of Eid al – Adha solutions.
Then followed Al – Fatiha in memory of the House of Representatives for the souls of the martyrs Iraq. This
was followed by MP Abdul Rahman Alloizi statement on the division of the province of Nineveh calls in which he referred to the existence of a project for the division is intended to be a start in the province of Nineveh to turn to the division of Iraq and Setjaozh to other countries, expressing sympathy with Matard him Yezidis and Christians violations in addition to what he suffered Shabak in Nineveh plain and Turkmen Shiites in Tal Afar.
the MP Alloizi the importance of Mosul to be free from terror city being the only way of living together, pointing to respect for religious and ethnic peculiarities in the province and their right to self – determination, calling on the minority to delay it and the House of Representatives to carry out the turn to prevent division Nineveh province and a resolution to prevent this from happening. this
was followed by MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar statement on the occasion of the second anniversary of lifting the siege on hand Amerli and edit recalled the resilience of the city and its resistance to organize Daesh terrorist great sacrifices made by locals, demanding as Amerli and villages affiliate towns Turkmen disaster and work to compensate affected with the change of the administrative capacity of Amerli and convert them to spend and the granting of financial loans to stimulate investment in the district.
the Park MP Abdul – Hadi al – Hakim said in a statement to the Muslim world public and the Iraqi people , especially on the occasion of Eid al – Ghadeer , who styled the Apostle [Y] Imam Ali bin Abi Talib [p] Amir believers on the orders of God, noting that everyone is in dire need to unite the Muslims to eradicate terrorism, noting that the Prophet breeding produced men representing the example of good people and it was Imam Ali bin Abi Talib [p] in front of the Muslim ethics, courage and sacrifice and generosity and commemorate the holiday Bourne is a revival of the merits of Imam Ali [p], calling on the House of Representatives to vote on the Eid al – Ghadeer regarded as a national holiday. This
was followed by Rep . Risan Abdullah statement on behalf of the Committee on women and Children on the occasion of World day of peace which stressed the increasing incidents against women because of what they are exposed to abuse and assault their dignity under the prevailing conditions, especially migrant and displaced and the prisoners , noting that the government is still neglected women ‘s issues, especially restrict the Interior Ministry to the issues of violations against unknown persons , demanding to issue decisions and legislation to protect Iraqi women and the pressure on the government to support the security and to stop abuses against women.
and stop the House of Representatives minutes solidarity day World peace at the request of the Committee on women, family and Children.
the voice of the House of Representatives, on the second draft amendment to the law of private investment in crude oil No. 64 filter for the year 2007 and submitted by the committees of the oil, energy, economy and investment, which is in line with the new economic transformations in Iraq and to increase investment opportunities for the sector law Iraqi private and foreign and broaden participation in crude oil refining activity to increase the potential of the domestic production of oil products and improve the quality and flexibility and reduce deficits and suffocation in government refineries base.
and completed the Council vote on the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on international Institute for the unification of private law Act [UNIDROIT] in The stolen cultural property or illegally exported and submitted by the committees on Foreign relations, culture, media, legal, financial, tourism and effects in order to protect the cultural heritage and cultural exchanges and enhance mutual understanding between the peoples and the dissemination of culture and human well – being and the provision of civilization and combating illicit trafficking in cultural property and to join the Convention.
The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al – Jubouri schedule Baltoukitat own with questions directed by the members of the House of Representatives to officials in the executive branch [oral questions.
President al – Jubouri said the council identified on 4-10 scheduled to attend the general manager of Midland oil company and on 6-10 scheduled to attend the foreign minister at the MP Hanan al request as been identified on 8-10 scheduled to attend the Minister of construction and Housing and municipalities at the request of MP Huda Sajjad as was determined on 10-10 to attend the Minister for immigration and day 18-10 to attend the governor of Najaf , and on 20-10 date for the presence of the Minister of Education and day 22-10 as the date for the presence of the Minister of Electricity at the request of MP Hashem Radi addition to identifying day 10-10 as the date to attend the Prime Minister to answer oral questions at the request of Rep . Najiba Najib.
the chairman of the House of Representatives to the existence of a request from the MP Hanan Fatlawi postpone the date of directing a verbal question to Minister of Finance as well as a request from the Attorney Hashim Radi to postpone direct verbal questions to each of the ministers of transport and oil and chairman of Board of Supreme Audit and the head of the investment, “noting that” the existence of the request for an oral question from an MP Serwa Abdul Wahid Prime network Iraqi Information as well as a request from the Attorney honest we hinted to direct an oral question to the minister of oil will be complete communications and set up appointments for later.
and on the procedures of Article 61 of the Constitution and rules of procedure regarding the questioning , Hoshyar Zebari , the Minister of Finance said al – Jubouri , the importance of the parliamentary role in the country , noting that there are factors sour on the Council possession of the trust, the most prominent Maisdr sometimes from some lawmakers for actions contrary to the Council ‘s work , which Madea presidency of the Council in this session to set up a parliamentary committee to follow up the irregularities that are inconsistent with the rules of parliamentary behavior.
Jubouri said he was out of the duty presidency of the Council in the maintenance of order inside the sessions will practice powers that allow the maintenance of order and according to the rules of parliamentary behavior, including the membership of the MP from day suspension to 6 days and fined MP violator and the assignment of deputy to the Committee on parliamentary conduct and investigation with the Attorney and forwarded for a vote according to the decision by the House of Representatives.
he said the Speaker of Parliament to the House of Representatives completed the interrogation procedures for the Minister of Finance, which has been a vote of no conviction Pajupth and application of confidence after seven days , noting that there are three observations concerning first the existence of a request submitted by 102 of the House of Representatives re – vote on the lack of conviction , but the rules of procedure devoid of the presence of the text of the re Altusit decision was taken except Mai_khas legislative measures which do not include such a case , and therefore, the vote of no conviction has been in accordance with the rules of procedure and there was no support for the re – vote on the conviction with answers and Minister of Finance and sees the opposite could be his appeal to the Federal Court.
he said al – Jubouri that the request has been submitted to postpone the vote on the withdrawal of confidence from 50 deputies in addition to the existence of a request from the Ministry of Finance to the Finance Committee with the minister questioned filed a lawsuit in federal court on the presidency of the Council of Representatives today in this regard , noting that the council will provide a list of response to the list provided in the lawsuit as the House of Representatives will approach the court to clarify the constitutionality of any decision taken by the Council may be in conflict with the vote of confidence.
the House voted to reject the request to postpone the vote on the complete withdrawal of confidence from the Minister of Finance. In
turn between Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri , the failure to adopt a specific method to a vote allowing the Council the right to adopt any way and mechanism to a vote , whether in public or secret or through electronic voting and was adopted with a vote on the withdrawal of confidence from the former defense minister was approved by the Council, noting that the electronic voting for hands feature determines approves and rejects refrain.
the voice of the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari , the approval of 158 deputies against the rejection of 77 deputy reservation 14 deputies.
turn Jubouri said that based on the House vote, the finance minister seen as an article of the office.
it was decided then adjourn the meeting until tomorrow Thursday.