Finance: granting leave to employees Declaration of bankruptcy of the government

A member of the parliamentary Finance: granting leave to employees Declaration of bankruptcy of the government

07.09.2016 10:59

Finance - granting leave to employees Declaration of bankruptcy of the government[Where – special]
counted in the parliamentary finance committee member, on Wednesday, granting leave to employees for five years with a salary call a “declaration of bankruptcy of the government.”
Said Sarhan , Ahmad, told all of Iraq [where] that ” a study grant leave to employees for a long time salary of call is a negative indicator not to the federal government ‘s ability to pay employees ‘ salaries for this resorted to this method which is to keep the nominal salary of the employee and give him a vacation for five years,” he said , that ” the deterioration of oil prices and the adoption of Iraq’s oil revenues only brought him to where we are now, on the one hand and on the other hand , the existence of corruption and the corrupt , and this direct factor brought Iraq economically to this stage.”
he added that “Iraq ‘s economy will deteriorate for the worse and Senlahza in case the survival of the corrupt without accountability and impunity and lack of authority to stop them , and this is something very painful. ”
he asked Ahmed” what is the guilt of the ordinary citizen who has lived on his salary is only its supplier? We want to know what are the state tasks of providing live healthy and well – off, employment opportunities and social and health insurance for their children, otherwise not Government or state considered because of all that of their duties “surprising” how to lay off thousands of employees this simple in salary salary is not enough for one day then not can we can consider this state of customary international law sense. ”
Ahmad noted that” if the show this project is in the House of Representatives will confront him with full force and we will prevent passage being related Bakot Iraqi people. ”
the Council of Ministers, voted in its regular Tuesday, to” grant project officer law long vacation routine which Dqgah State Consultative Council and forwarded to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of articles [61 item first and 80 the second clause of the Constitution. ”
the prime minister Haider al – Abadi, said that” to grant leave to employees in government departments leave for a five – year salary My name is full is to ease the pressure on staff and functional scores on the state and there are staff want to leave and we are now opened to them the door for that, “adding that” the license will be calculated for the purposes of his retirement by discounting the benefits of it. ”