Send 500 international observers to the US presidential elections

Send 500 international observers to the US presidential elections

23-08-2016 10:52 AM

Send 500 international observers to the US presidential electionsPlans Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe send 500 international observers to the American presidency scheduled elections in the eighth of November , an increase of ten times the number of observers sent by the organization in 2012. The elections ,

but a group of more than 200 American civil rights organization urged the organization in a letter published Tuesday to send more than the number requested by the organization based on an assessment conducted in May. It will be the SCO member states 57 the task of sending observers state and guestrooms.

Came in a speech to a group leadership conference for civil rights and human rights , the role of the organization has become ‘more important’ in light of the confirmation of the US Department of Justice in July that Reuters published that it will send observers to the smaller number of centers this year the ballot compared to previous elections.

campaigners say the civil rights that voters are likely to be more susceptible to counter – aligned ethnic in the next election , compared to what was the case 50 years ago because of election laws passed in several states after canceling the US Supreme Court three years ago years part of the voting rights Act anti-discrimination and issued in 1965.

proponents of these laws are necessary to combat vote – rigging.

Wade Henderson , chief executive of the group, he told Reuters that international observers can not fill the vacuum left by the US Department of Justice observers , whose numbers swelled to 840 in 2004 .

Thomas Reimer , spokesman for the OSCE said in Europe that the number of observers who Strzlem Organization to the United States fixed at 500 observers but speech Jurists Group will contribute to the decision of the Organization on places would be sent to them.

he urged the Organization ‘s speech to focus its resources on the eight states said it from likely to see ‘intensive efforts to intimidate voters’ including Pennsylvania and North Carolina , where he is expected to intensify competition between the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and the Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the November eighth.