General amnesty does not include Arab prisoners, as amended, does not violate the Constitution

Legal representative: general amnesty does not include Arab prisoners, as amended, does not violate the Constitution

08/20/2016 12:23

Legal representative - general amnesty does not include Arab prisoners as amended does not violate the Constitution[Special Oan-]
, the parliamentary legal committee confirmed that the draft of the amnesty law does not cover non – Iraqi prisoners and convicts.
He said the Commission ‘s decision Hassan Turan, told all of Iraq [where] that ” the text of the amnesty and clear law that includes Iraqis does not refer to the inclusion of non – Iraqis to this law , both residents formally or entered illegally and exceeded the border , ” stressing that the law “does not include only Iraqi citizens. ”
and threatening Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to veto the law if they were to change, confirmed Turan, said that” challenged the right of any party if it violates the law , the Constitution and either appeal without breaching the Constitution, may not believe that the changes that took place in the law may have broken the rule unconstitutional. ”
the parliamentary law decision on” hope Atmrer law in the parliament session next Tuesday and there are political dynamics among the blocs to agree on the contentious the points. ”
failed the House of Representatives last week by passing the draft general amnesty law for not agreed upon and the withdrawal of deputies of the National Alliance of the meeting to the presence of notes on it.
parliament voted only on three articles of the law consisting of 13 articles, and postponed a vote on the rest of the material in Tuesday ‘s session the next.
he announced Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, said the government ” will challenge the general amnesty law, if approved , with the changes made ​​by the Parliament”.