Legal: general amnesty law covered by the condition of the recovery of looted funds

A member of the parliamentary legal: general amnesty law covered by the condition of the recovery of looted funds

19/08/2016 9:00

Legal: general amnesty law covered by the condition of the recovery of looted funds{Baghdad: Euphrates News} A member of the parliamentary legal committee, Salim Chawki, said the general amnesty law covered by the condition of those who were involved looted state funds retrieve what Bzmthm even include recently pardon.
He said Shawki told {Euphrates News} ” The statement of the board of integrity about the amnesty law is not accurate to the fact that there are safeguards guaranteed in the law , including that there must be a concession by the people with the victims or the complainant, and must be repaid covered by the amnesty are discharged from Amol and traced to the state. ”
he noted that” there is cash collected from the governed through the purchase of the remaining years of governance, and this is a big money due to the state treasury , “explaining that” not all the crimes covered by the purchase of condemnation, but in specific crimes do not include terrorism offenses .. ”
” the debt is aggregated from prisoners , according to government debt obtaining the law, and other issues applied by committees in the judiciary is to enforce the law strictly. ”
confirmed restrict paragraph re – trial of the accused, a paragraph that is not a retrial, but scrutiny of government actions and audit differs from re trial and with the judicial authority of in accordance with the powers need to re – trial is so decide, not the House of Representatives, there are many safeguards. ”
He noted the survival of the application of disciplinary and precautionary sanctions covered by the general amnesty, and there is another officer , which is that the culprit is included in the amnesty if he commits another felony within five years from the date of the amnesty applied the penalties. ”
he concluded by saying that” what is said in a statement the board integrity , contrary to what was in the law being the law contains clauses provide financial abundance and all those who took the money the state it traced back to the state. ”
the board of integrity has seen, Thursday, the inclusion of crimes of corruption amnesty law will generate the audacity with corrupt repeat overtaking on public funds and committing crimes of corruption.
According to a statement of integrity ” the board of integrity confirms its commitment to the principle of separation of powers and observance of the legislative competence of the distinguished House of Representatives, they – and after the study to the subject of the inclusion {some or most of the } corruption crimes provisions of the draft general amnesty law – had concluded its refusal to include crimes of corruption to the provisions of this law, for several reasons , including that the inclusion {some or most} corruption crimes amnesty law is a waste of effort painstaking and persistent efforts by the national regulatory agencies in the fight against corruption and possibly lead to get the despair and frustration among the relevant field of the fight against corruption; because the issues that they have made ​​the strenuous efforts and for several years has been the release of the perpetrators. ”
the House of Representatives voted during its regular meeting, which was held last Monday, some of the paragraphs of the draft General Amnesty Law and postponed the rest of the paragraphs to Almqubl.anthy p week