The Washington Post attacking al-Maliki and the US administration

The Washington Post attacking al-Maliki and the US administration

August 17, 2016 | 11:13

The Washington Post attacking al-Maliki and the US administrationNetwork Iraqi position | Iraqi comprehensive network news

According to a report prepared by the newspaper “Washington Post” and the organization “ProPublica”, that errors and poor estimates perpetrated by the US Department headed by Hillary Clinton, the White House and Congress, as well as the government of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, has contributed to the failure of the stability plan for Iraq after the withdrawal of US forces and led to the weakening of security Iraqi front Daesh in 2014.

The report added that US forces in Iraq leaders opposed the reduction of the American mission expenses, stressing that it left the US government in ignorance of what is happening in the country outside the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, which is easy on the Daesh control over that vast of Iraq, including Mosul’s second city in the area Iraq.

The report pointed out that “the US military commanders were not expecting a complete military withdrawal, but expected to lead talks between Washington and Baghdad to keep the ten thousand troops at least there to ensure security and prevent the recovery of al-Qaeda and helping American diplomats, military and coordination between the Iraqi and US forces, but those talks collapsed.

Document report also revealed to study the documents released by the State Department during the Clinton assume the post of Secretary of State, that “The ministry has ambitious plans to tighten its grip on the dozens of military programs in Iraq, ranging from assistance in training Iraqi police officers, to establish new headquarters of a private collection of information intelligence in Mosul and other major cities. ”

According to the report, the Foreign and put an end to these schemes or reduced the scope, in some cases at the behest of the US Congress skeptical in their usefulness, and in other cases, under an order from the White House, which closed the window of opportunity to increase expenditure for these projects, in addition to reject the cost of risk potential American citizens in Iraq.

The report also pointed out that “the Maliki government played a negative role in undermining efforts to strengthen security in the country is wrong to see the Maliki that these projects represent an interference non grata in Iraq’s affairs efforts.”

He explained that the opposition made by al-Maliki to programs of US assistance in the Sunni and Kurdish areas was the cause of the deterioration of the security situation, pointing out that “al-Maliki began immediately after US forces leave Iraq, ordered the arrest of Sunni politicians competitors him, and to replace officers who have been trained by American military personnel Shiites loyal to him. The report also pointed out that the Sunni protests that erupted in 2012 in parallel with the increase in the frequency of suicide bombings across the country and sectarian tensions and the war in neighboring Syria, where a civil war was granted there Daesh regulate the issue of leaders and a safe haven.

The proportions of the report, the US diplomats as saying that they “were convinced that Washington has left a vacuum that will cause a rebound Qaeda in Iraq, but they never expect to be done as quickly as they were.”

Also attributed to current and former US administration officials as saying that al-Maliki administration “is foolish and Competence and inappropriate” for the Iraqi army and the suppression of the year weakened the country and Odaaha on the brink of collapse.

The report commented that “takeover Daesh parts of Iraq, pushing the Obama administration to restore the programs that was overseen by the US Army, and that the level of the US presence now worth more than ten times the level when the withdrawal, and that the interest cut budgets have disappeared since Congress approved spending billions dollars to deal with the jihadist threat. ”

He pointed out that the State, under White House pressure, began in early 2012, the implementation of reducing the overall financing program long a number of aid and initiatives in the field of security and counter-terrorism, which was considered in the past an important and necessary to stabilize the situation in Iraq after the withdrawal of US troops projects.

And considered the “Washington Post” that “the American political adventure in Iraq, the beginning of military intervention and occupation, through the disasters that followed the withdrawal of US troops from the country, diminish the seriousness of Clinton, as a candidate for US presidency, which is working hard to promote itself as a politician with extensive experience in foreign policy “.

The report stressed that Clinton’s current proposals, aimed at strengthening cooperation with local militias in Iraq, does not exceed be applied to previous programs that have closed their participation.