Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 8-16-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 8-16-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions8-16-2016 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat Remember this RV is going to be a two stage process. ​First they must launch the lower denominations at a 1:1 and then later comes the RV with an increase in value. The new value will coincide with the post war value plus equity. Article: “Economists divided over deletion of zeros on Iraqi dinar” This is an amazing article… This article confirms that the RV is a two step process. The First step: Quote: “that the step to delete zeros is merely an administrative process, and the currency equation should remain the same. This means that the purchasing power of the new currency should be equal to that of the old currency. He added that the two currencies should both remain in the market for a period not exceeding three years, then the old currency should be gradually withdrawn”. So how do they get the old currency to equal the new currency value from an RV we all keep hearing about?

8-16-2016 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat For instance 4 of the $25,000k notes today is worth $100 dollars. Then they launch the lower denoms. The new $100 notes will be worth $100 dollars. Easy one note instead of four notes. No value change yet. But when they go to the bank to dump (exchange) their cumbersome, extra large 3 zero notes it will be a 1:1. They will turn in 4 of the $25,000 notes for one $100 new notes. Value stays exactly the same. So citizens in Iraq will have the exact same purchasing power only they won’t have to carry wads of these 3 zero notes of to purchase. Note they did not say 1:1 with the USD they simply said 1:1 with the old currency to the new currency value. When do we make our millions then? This is step #2: The process calls for bringing the dinar back to the true value pre-war years. This is the bonus for us, this is the RV. But this new rate will not have any effect on the Iraqi citizen… …the exchange rate we keep hearing about of $3.22 – $4.20 is for the USA value in dollars…our $25,000 dinar notes get exchanged to dollars. So at an RV of $3.00 we would get $75,000 for our $25,000 note.

8-16-2016 Newshound Guru mike Article: “Keywords acknowledges the absence of fiscal policy and accuses the institutions working for political interests Baaaguetha” I’m puzzled as to why Keyword’s would put these kinds of statements out today when there’s supposed to be a plan to move this country forward economically and monetarily. We keep hearing about a plan and yet Keywords is telling us there isn’t one. I guess time will tell, they told us Iraq would be part of the worlds economy by mid 2016 and now they’ve moved it to 2017, here’s hoping that is still the plan.

8-16-2016 Newshound Guru mike To me, fisal policy = legislation. I don’t think you’ll find concrete evidence that he’s wrong, just the absence of the legislation that’s necessary for economic/monetary reform. I think we’re hearing a lot of discussion from the economists, IMF and even the CBI, but precious little from the government itself. I think they’re begrudgingly following the guidelines the IMF set up so they can have access to the loans, but I would agree with Keywords, they don’t have a long term plan. Hopefully I’m way off base and 2017 is the year..

8-16-2016 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG […2017 BUDGET WILL BE $82 BILLION AND BASED ON $40 PER BARREL…] I haven’t looked at any recent budget numbers – but doesn’t that leave them pretty short still? On the other hand, if oil spikes – which it always does – they will be in really good shape…in fact, REALLY good shape.

8-15-2016 Newshound Guru wmawhite …the “delete the zero project”…does not mean that a 1,000 IQD note becomes a 1 IQD note. The delete the zero project is the gradual removal of the larger notes from the market place…and that happens by the increase in value of the IQD which will reduce the prices in the market place, thus making the smaller notes usable. The fewer notes in circulation means a greater value of the currency. …the CBI has told everyone of us exactly what they are doing…We have the facts. [See more about “drop the zeros” under the Start Here tab at the top of this page…}

8-15-2016 Newshound Guru rcookie Urgent: judiciary issued an arrest warrant on the security and defense ministry officer and secretary general of military intelligence and the son of Khaled al-Obeidi…! Quote: “An informed source said on Sunday that the judiciary issued arrest warrants against memorandums of people at the Ministry of Defense based on the confessions of the accused, who directed the minister to the media in accordance with Article 243.” WOW! OBEIDIS SON AND DEFENSE MINISTRY OFFICIALS ARRESTED…

8-15-2016 Intel Guru SteveI Article: “Iraq is heading toward financial stability” Quote: “Najib confirmed that «laid plans by the government economic initiatives, very good and entered the implementation phase, there are small, medium and large size of more than six trillion projects Iraqi dinars, which will generate revenues and stimulate the economy in the near future »and showed the MP that the economic crisis in the country needs time to end it because of Iraq is unable to diversify its economy and sources of the budget, especially as the security situation in the implementation of economic plans and expansion by the advent of international companies to invest in Iraq.” I really like this paragraph…Just think of the potential of the outside investors and when the current value of their currency increases, the power of these economic initiatives will have on the global economy. I am very impressed and very pleased to be reading this type of news.

8-15-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 …it’s all good…But this week keeps us in a Limbo…Still waiting for Mosul.