Deputy for the citizen: enactment of important laws are involved

Deputy for the citizen: enactment of important laws are involved

08.12.2016 15:50

Deputy for the citizen - enactment of important laws are involved{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the Bloc citizen Furat al-Tamimi, on Friday, moving block enactment of a number of important laws, most notably that of the Federal Court Act.
Tamimi said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News} Today, that “some of the legislation is very important and is still parked on the shelf legislation,” adding that “past mass citizen in the legislation and the most prominent of these laws , the Federal Supreme Court and the judiciary law , which must go, implement and initiate this session as complementary to the Constitution. ”

he added , ” it is also oil and gas law of important laws that seek to approval at this session as well as other laws , “noting that” strengthening the supervisory and legislative roles of the parliament lies in the enactment of these laws mission. ”

he said that” without enactment of these laws will remain the terms of reference of the Council oversight is disabled in making state institutions work according to legislator laws. ”

It is said that several laws crashes approval in parliament since the previous sessions and the most important of the National Guard, oil and gas and other Federal Court Rules after disagreements revolve around by the political blocs . Ended and