US: You may ask for additional troops to Iraq does not withdraw after the liberation of Mosul

US Central Command: You may ask for additional troops to Iraq does not withdraw after the liberation of Mosul

07/15/2016 10:12

US - You may ask for additional troops to Iraq does not withdraw after the liberation of Mosul{Baghdad} Euphrates News US Central Command, said US General Joseph Votal {}, it is expected that the US military asked to use additional troops in Iraq as opposed to the hundreds that was announced this week, at a time when the campaign against Daash achieve success.
Gen. Joseph Votal said in a press interview, “As we continue to campaign, I think we will ask the deployment of some additional troops” did not reveal any numbers.
He Votal which oversees American forces in the Middle East, ” The size of the potential increases in the future is still the place debate within military circles “did not give any details about the timing of sending any requests in this regard for the management of US President Barack Obama.
He Votal that, incoming requests will be formed according to the special stages of the campaign, pointing out ” we are trying to reconcile our requests with specific goals that we are trying to achieve on the ground . ”
he noted Votal to it feel more optimistic after the meetings on Wednesday with senior Iraqi officials, including al – Abadi.
he said , ” while still requires a lot of work, I left , and I feel confident , “stressing the importance of military operations by US – backed United in a “positive impact on the political side.”
he pointed Votal that “after losing Daash eventually Mosul in Iraq , and the city of Syrian tenderness it Americans should not expect a rapid withdrawal and inclusive of Iraq.
” the thing I do not want to do is a declaration victory and leave after that, I think we want to complete the task. ”
he said that if he moved fighters Daash to other places outside those two cities, it is important the presence of US military resources” to ensure that we can achieve that permanent defeat {to Daash}. ”
he continued , ” If there were capabilities we do not need it will pass on , and likewise, if there were capabilities we need , and we have no will we require , “describing the widening campaign to evolve it will not end quickly.
the US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter said during his visit to Iraq last Monday, that” the USA and in close coordination with the government Iraq will deploy 560 military extra in Iraq to maintain the sustainability of the battle momentum against Daash in Nineveh. ”
He said the ” additional troops will provide broad support for Iraqi security forces, including infrastructure and logistics capabilities in the air base , which lies near Qayyarah “.anthy