Former leader in the “CIA”: the Kurdistan region to secede from Iraq

Former leader in the “CIA”: the Kurdistan region to secede from Iraq


Former leader in the CIA - the Kurdistan region to secede from IraqGave Bruce Riedel, who worked for 30 years in the CIA , “CIA,” most of his life spent in the Middle East, grim for the region ‘s future image.

He said Riedel, who also served as an adviser to four US presidents on the Middle East, South – East Asia, within the national Security team, in an interview with the Saudi newspaper “Middle East” that “Syria and Libya on their way to disappearing, and Iraq are losing the Kurdistan region, while consolidating its regions remaining force of arms.”

He added that ” the Kurds Sinfsalon for Iraq, the love Iranians of Iraq to the point that they want to see the three countries in it, Iraq ‘s Shiite, and Iraq ‘s Sunni smaller, and the state Martyrs. ”

the leader of the” CIA , “Bruce Riedel, that it” does not believe that the war will spread outside the Middle East, but it will affect the whole world , especially Europe , ”

and Bruce Riedel spoke about the reason for the deteriorating situation in the Middle East, saying that” there are two main reasons for the deterioration of the situation in the Middle East: the first is George Bush and Tony Blair ‘s decision to invade Iraq, and the second is the failure of the Arab spring. ”