Saleh: Iraq reserves “locked” and drop or deterioration in budget

Saleh: Iraq reserves “locked” and drop or deterioration in budget

July 12, 2016

Saleh - Iraq reserves locked and drop or deterioration in budgetSaid the appearance of Mohammed Saleh economic affairs adviser to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi: “The financial reserves of the Iraqi believer and no reduction or deterioration in the budget.”

Said Mohammed Saleh, he said in a statement: “The Iraq war exposed to the fifth column, economically and militarily anti-war. With all Maithakq victories of the Iraqi army and the popular crowd Daash against gangs, we hear discordant voices aimed at political miscarriage central bank and economic events of confusion in the country, statements from central bank reserves and currency to rise and fall. ”

He said: “The central bank’s financial reserves and stable believer, is used in crises. And all the words are the consciences of “dead and sounds a nobody” and there is no objective to put in this area. ”

He continued, “The targeting of the work of the central bank in this circumstance is a betrayal, and traitors and spies operating from this area to disrupt and confuse the central bank and then in the Iraqi economy.”

He called economic adviser to al-Abadi, the concerned authorities to use force in dealing with such voices that carry speech miserable enemy of the country, also called on the media, especially the state media, because Aatzeys and be careful in the publication of such words. ”