Carter: We will send 560 more troops to Iraq and congratulate the liberalization of Qayyarah base

Carter: We will send 560 more troops to Iraq and congratulate the liberalization of Qayyarah base [Extended]

07/11/2016 17:54

Carter - We will send 560 more troops to Iraq and congratulate the liberalization of Qayyarah base[Wayne-Baghdad]
announced that US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, to send 560 more troops to Iraq while editing Qayyarah congratulated Air Force Base.
A statement by the US Embassy in Baghdad received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Monday , “Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter met in Baghdad , Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi and other Iraqi leaders and praised their progress has recently been made ​​in the fight against Daash including control strategic airport near the town of Qayyarah , which would help in the liberation of Mosul operations. ”
among Carter to” regain control of the airport west of Qayyarah process once again demonstrated the serious will to fight the Iraqi security forces, “congratulating him on the recent successes and to assure that the United States and our coalition partners will continue to do everything in its power to support the efforts of Iraq to inflict permanent defeat Bdaash. ”
the statement noted that” Carter during a meeting with al – Abadi, expressed condolences over the recent tragic bombing in Baghdad, he said that the United States is willing to strengthen its support for the Iraqi government ‘s efforts to protect Iraqi civilians from terrorist attacks to Daash. ”
he stressed that” US forces already share now intelligence information with their Iraqi counterparts, the minister said that he instructed the “US joint Agency to combat the threat of improvised explosive devices , ” which in turn leads the Department of defense for counter – IED efforts to provide additional assistance that can enhance security in Baghdad . ” the
minister Carter and discussed during his meetings with Iraqi leaders and the coalition leaders and US troops also the next steps in the military campaign in light of the recent progress made ​​by the Iraqi security forces”, declaring that “the USA and in close coordination with the Iraqi government will deploy a military 560 extra in Iraq to maintain on the sustainability of this momentum , ”
and stressed that” additional troops will provide broad support for Iraqi security forces, including infrastructure and logistics capabilities in the air base , which lies near Qayyarah while heading the campaign toward Mosul , a distance of more than 250 miles from the Iraqi capital, and will become the airport platform vital to attack Iraqi security forces to Mosul, will the coalition forces also continue to provide support for the Kurdish Peshmerga during their progress from northern Iraq and Altqaihm in Mosul. ”
the statement added that” US President Barack Obama agreed to send additional troops on the recommendation of the minister Carter after consultation with the Chairman of the joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford and the commander of US Central command , General Joseph Votal and the commander of torque inherent process Gen. Sean MacFarland. ” the
minister went on to say , ” every step in this campaign, we have to create and invest additional opportunities to accelerate inflict permanent defeat Bdaash, “he underlined , ” will add these forces US unique capabilities to this campaign and to provide basic support for Iraqi forces during this crucial time of the battle. ”
arrived Carter this morning to the capital Baghdad on surprise visit and announced that the United States will use Qayyarah liberated by Iraqi forces recently south of Mosul , the Post editorial process , Nineveh base.