Legal Expert: The new experts’ report confirms the illegitimacy of the dismissal Jubouri session

Legal Expert: The new experts’ report confirms the illegitimacy of the dismissal Jubouri session and the legitimacy of the sacking of Minister


Legal Expert - The new experts report confirms the illegitimacy of the dismissal Jubouri session(Independent) .. He said the legal expert Tareq Harb said the five experts who took the outskirts of the lawsuit and the court elected to show their expertise in litigation between the Front’s reform report (sitters) and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, which leaked to the news media seems to have resolved the issue in favor of the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri .

He said the war “seems to us that the five experts’ report if it stands at backing the three former expert report headed by Hashim Hassan, Dean of the Faculty of Information of the lack of legal and constitutional dismiss the head of the parliamentary session and lack of legal and constitutional elected MP Adnan al-Janabi, president of the parliament, but the new experience report touched on the three themes clearly He can dismiss the parliament speaker Salim al hearing is unconstitutional and illegal for not meeting quorum is achieved and that the elected MP Adnan al-Janabi, was illegal and unconstitutional for lack of quorum is achieved. ”

He added, “but the new experience quintet report went even further when he decided that the meeting on 04.26.2016 were legal hearing and check the quorum of any presence of more than 165 members at the start of the session and when the vote on the dismissal of ministers, were excluded five new instead of them.” .

He noted that five experts exceeded “what was forms for the three experts that supported the legal and constitutional session on 26/04/2016, but stopped when the quorum is achieved when the vote on the dismissal of five ministers and five ministers were excluded others.”

War and stressed that the report of this case may be “resolved the matter of the three faces and the first of the illegality of the election of the session, Adnan al-Janabi and legal Salim al-session, both when starting the session Knsab and when the vote on the dismissal of former prime ministers and the appointment of new ministers instead of them.”

He continued, “and so raised the experts of science that achieves victory for Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, so it is all legal defenses displayed by lawyers Front reform or that can Abduha again does not check the impact that does not lead to a result as long as the Committee of Experts quintet agreed with the Committee of Experts triple to support Salim al body “.

He said the war ‘reliability Front reform and her lawyer to request new experts will be Kalnfaj in bladders punctured, “noting that” the proof code number (107) of 1970 and the law pleadings No. (83) for the year 1969 passed Front reform debate experts requested new experts but even the new experts the seven who elected if the court decided and agreed on the reform front backing of no value to them in front of eight experts any tripartite Commission and its quintet of experts. ”

He predicted the collapse of hope fading and reform front to win the lawsuit will be achieved Saleem al-Jubouri’s victory in this case as far as information is currently available.

However, referring to the war that it remains vested in the court, explaining that “the law of the court to reject all the expert opinion and render a decision contrary to their opinions, provided that the court determine the reason for the rejection.”

He expressed his belief that the court “accrue to this matter after the reports of the experts, but as they say nights judicial pregnant give birth to all weird.” (As he put it). (End)