On the Keywords: reforms Abadi awaited world is not only Iraq

On the Keywords: reforms Abadi awaited world is not only Iraq

Sunday 26 June 2016 | 17:08

On the Keywords - reforms Abadi awaited world is not only IraqBAGHDAD / .. said the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party, on the Keywords, Sunday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi does not seek to take over state institutions, as some claim, stating saying that “the world is waiting for the reforms promised by Abadi, the Iraqi people and not alone.”

Keywords and said for “Eye Iraq News”, that “some political forces are trying to put pressure on al-Abadi for political or put reforms in its own way path gains,” stressing that “Abadi not and will not give in to political pressure and will complete his reformist despite those pressures.”

He said the “issue of reforms waiting for the Iraqi people and the issue of reform has become not an Iraqi issue but a global and most countries of the world waiting for reforms Abadi promised by the Iraqi people,” explaining that “Abadi recent changes aim reformist and not to take over the state, as some claim.”

He said coalition forces Union, on Sunday, recent changes in the banks and the offices of inspectors general and network media give the impression that al-Abadi seeks to acquire a government institutions and uniqueness Balaqrar.anthy 5