US recognition: Daash our fault but a creature Maliki .. We will not accept partition but essential

US recognition: Daash our fault but a creature Maliki .. We will not accept partition but essential

2016/6/22 05:30:36 PM

Obama and MalikiDividing Iraq into mini-states are built on the basis of sectarian, religious or ethnic calls continue to decline and then appearing all the time, where he represented such an option on the table, but is not used because it is the total negatives or positives do not fit the current situation, as expressed by US official.

Former US ambassador in Baghdad, “James Jeffrey,” confirmed that the United States would not support the dismantling of Iraq, but states only that the order was absolutely necessary, taking into consideration the risks that might push some Iraqi parties to the partition behind the pursuit.

Jeffrey pointed out that the Kurdish fears that push them towards the call for independence from Iraq, it is understood by the United States, in light of the overall situation in the chaotic Middle East in general and Iraq in particular.

The risks that surround Iraq as a whole, in the words of Jeffrey, and vary between Iran’s full control of the country, do Daash to grow again, or the emergence of a similar organization, will mean in the end that makes sense for any Kurdish commander to keep the option of independence in his back pocket, but .. Thus the decision can not lightly and should only be taken “seriously and quite serious too,” because it involves significant impacts on the future of Iraq and Kurdistan.

“So that became independent Kurdistan, Iraq will not disappear, it’s still here,” Trying to provincial autonomy in order to get rid of the problems that disrupted Iraq as a state, including the provincial government, will not succeed, because both Sabakan associated with the same problems and situations.

We are trying to repair the situation .. but we fail

Former ambassador said during his speech, and Asraly emphasis, that the United States these problems were not created in Iraq, which led to the situation that it is today, the same thing applies to Syria, Egypt and other countries, the United States is trying to fit the situation in Iraq, but “failed” in that.

The US government, unfortunately, completely failed to repair the situation in the Middle generally East, and Iraq in particular, “We have spent enormous amounts of money and effort in order to fix things, we did not make things worse as I think, but we also did not reform them,” stressing that Iraq is an example of US failure , while it had previously succeeded in the same effort in countries such as Japan, South Korea and Eastern Europe.

In the end, the situation can not be done with the foretelling of the future is clear, it may can be built upon to deny partitioning option, or confirm.

Daash Iraqi puppet Maliki .. mistake America

In explaining its renaissance organize Daash in Iraq, the ambassador spoke about the American point of view that see it, the policies of al-Maliki during his administration the Government of Iraq has made the Daash in Iraq, the United States, erred in not intervene in time to stop this growth shown by the organization, especially in Syria.

Ambassador stressed that the renaissance Daash back to three main reasons, in addition to the foregoing, be the first, underestimated Sunni extremists in populated majority of them areas, and not taking their ability to control the territory is governed strongly by the central government seriously, which in the end, such as a disease in the blood of these areas.

The second reason, is the first completely reversed, Overvalued and amplification of looking at Sunni citizens by the Maliki government, that they are a potential threat, he led in the end to get the fear of it completely, Altmizaah policies have made them more prone to turning to the extremists themselves.

The third reason, is wrong with the US, which on Syria to the land is governed by a strong center and loose control by any armed party, al-Qaida in Iraq and Syria, took advantage of it, keeping the land and the creation of armies, the earth and the armies, that is threatening Iraq, Syria , and the rest of the world today.

The United States was aware of al-Maliki’s policies ..

With the continuation of a former ambassador to the facts that the Iraqi file is corrupted listed, talked through it, from the fact that the United States is aware, the actions of al-Maliki and lead him his policies of “alienating the Sunni component in Iraq,” and was also aware of “totalitarian his tendencies,” but she could not be It is nothing but a warning of the consequences of his actions, and Hoalammer which was not taken by him in any seriousness.

“We were fully aware of what Maliki does, We warned him throughout his reign from the consequences of his actions and his policies, but he was democratically elected leader, powered by Shiite parties, the two main Kurdish parties, the political system predominantly Sunni, at least until the expulsion Rafie al-Issawi.”

Ambassador initiated the evacuation of his yard from Colossus, saying, “that the United States, despite its knowledge of what was al-Maliki is doing, it is a pro in public and political, at least his government was that it was not his person, so far did not come someone to us and tell us what expected us to do, while Abe Maliki listen to our advice, “ending a debate that raised Bmstadhaver.