Najafi: security forces need two months to get to Mosul

Najafi: security forces need two months to get to Mosul

Saturday 18 June 2016 | 17:13

Najafi - security forces need two months to get to MosulBAGHDAD / .. confirmed former Nineveh governor and commander of the National Liberation of Iraq crowd Saturday that Iraqi forces have control of the hand Qayyarah, it achieved a victory and no matter how advanced, inter she could not enter the city of Mosul these days and need to be two months or more.

He said Najafi’s “Eye of Iraq News” that “the collapse of Daash is imminent, and the progress of the Iraqi army in the south of Mosul areas, particularly in terms of Qayyarah, is real and important incursion,” noting that “the launch of Qayyarah to the rest of the areas will be well.”

He added that “the role of the national crowd in this battle is to assess progress, and victory played by Iraqi forces is a victory for us.”

Najafi said that “the national forces of the crowd present in the northern axis, and when that starts edit Mosul operations from areas of the north, we will be ready.”

The local sources of Nineveh province, had indicated on Saturday that al Daash collapsed morally in the city of Mosul, and has a great desire not to participate in the battles, mourners that the losses experienced in military operations launched by Iraqi forces on areas in Anbar. It ended 15