Iraqi forces controlled the government compound in Fallujah

Iraqi forces controlled the government compound in Fallujah .. and prosecute elements Daash downtown


Iraqi forces controlled the government compound in FallujahIraqi security sources Friday said June 17, 2016, that the Iraqi security forces returned the control of the central government compound of Fallujah west of Baghdad.
Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, the leader of the restoration process of Fallujah told the French press, said that “our forces to combat terrorism and rapid response, liberated the entire government complex”, located in the center of Fallujah.
And counter-terrorism forces and rapid response of the Federal Police of the highlights of the security forces involved in restoring control over Fallujah (50 km west of Baghdad).
Team Raed Shakir Jawdat The federal police commander “Edit government complex,” which includes an existing building Qamah Fallujah and the building of the local council and the Directorate of the Fallujah police and security headquarters.
Jawdat added that “the complex represents a symbol of the city and is re-edited for the prestige of the state and re-enforce the law,” stressing that “our forces are chasing the elements Daash the center of Fallujah.”
Iraqi forces launched the support of the international coalition dawn May 23 / May, the operation to regain control of Fallujah, which was seized by jihadists since January 2014.