The right to abortion a priority for “America’s President”

The right to abortion a priority for “America’s President”

11/06/2016 17:48

The right to abortion a priority for Americas PresidentTomorrow Press / follow-up:

Pledged to the Democratic candidate , assumed the US presidential election , Hillary Clinton, to remain the right to abortion a key issue on the agenda in the event of her election as President of the country. He criticized Clinton during her meeting with the political branch of the organization for family planning in Washington, the Republican challenger Donald Trump, saying he was “hostile to the rights of Women”.

She added: “When Trump says: Let’s make America great again, it is intended: to make America’s reactionary, to return to the era in which the dignity and the availability of opportunities are limited to some and not all.”

She CLINTON: “He wants to go back to the era when abortion was illegal, and women and girls were limited options and their lives are threatened.”

She said heading to the Trump direct style began recently adopted: “Donald those days are gone.”

For his part, Trump said in a speech at a conference of the Alliance of Christian faith and radical freedom: “We want to maintain the sanctity of life and dignity.”

Clinton also criticized because they want “to seek federal funding for abortion even in the late stages of pregnancy.”