People crowd: do not trust the Americans and their words

People crowd: do not trust the Americans and their words .. bomber decision military operations due to Ebadi

Saturday 11 June 2016 | 17:21

People crowd - do not trust the Americans and their wordsBAGHDAD / .. stressed body of opinion in the popular crowd member Karim al-Nuri, the Sabbath, not to crowd the confidence of the American side, particularly the international coalition forces, noting that they know how Anillatna and Ohmutena in the battles that take place now.

He said Noori’s “Eye of Iraq News” that “what the American president of the World Alliance of Brett Mcguirk envoy in the White House, keen crowd on the lives of civilians in the battle of Fallujah, is real,” adding that Makgrec “a man I rely on facts on the ground and did not depend on the images and false statements of politicians that are trying to stick the crowd offense violations phantom. ”

Nouri said that “we do not trust America because it is deceptive, and her words booby-trapped,” adding that “the agreement with the US side in the upcoming battles for liberation of the rest of the northern and western parts of Iraq, will be determined by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi.”

The President of the International Alliance envoy against Daash Brett Mcguirk said during a press conference at the White House, that the organization has lost 50 percent of the land in Iraq, and 30 percent in Syria, and the border with Turkey is no longer available to the elements, noting that Washington was following with interest the participation of the popular crowd at the battle of Fallujah, and that many of the units of the popular crowd disciplined and operate in accordance with the orders of the Iraqi forces. It ended 15