Tamimi: the government would agree to the terms of the IMF

Tamimi: the government would agree to the terms of the IMF, including the imposition of a 15% tax on salaries

June 9, 2016

Tamimi - the government would agree to the terms of the IMFConfirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi said, “the International Monetary Fund put a date ends on June 15 of the current month to the approval of the Iraqi government on the conditions for granting a loan of $ 5 billion and $ 400 million.”

She said in a televised statement, that “the government would agree to the terms of the fund to cover the great failure of running the state since 2003, so far,” .msheerh that “Finance wants to impose a tax of up to 15% on salaries and stop the appointments until they repay the loan.”

She said Tamimi, “The state revenues since 2003, has so far amounted to more than 855 billion and $ 279 million went one-third of the salaries of either other two-thirds have gone unheeded in the presence of the treasury empty for the time being,” noting that “Maatmtlleke state now billion dollars only.”

She explained that “priority IMF loan goes to oil companies that want 4 billion and $ 600 million and the higher corporate profits increased corrupt incentives in the absence of any accountability to anyone causing the waste of money.”

Revealed Tamimi for “The money smuggled volume reached more than 50% of the auction currency,” indicating that “state revenues for the months of January and February amounted to 3 billion and 269 million dollars were sold more than two billion and 500 million dollars of central bank reserves.”

On the Real Estate Tamimi State considers one of the most corrupt files presence of officials take their land and real estate for a pittance.