Trump: Clinton should be thrown in jail

Trump: Clinton should be thrown in jail

Friday 03-06-2016 | 9:33:20

Trump - Clinton should be thrown in jailTwilight News / announced Republican candidate for the US presidential election, Donald Trump, the rival Democrat Hillary Clinton should be thrown in jail because of the scandal, their e-mail messages.

Said Trump Friday in response to Clinton’s remarks that described the ideas of the Republican rival as incoherent and strange and false, the former Secretary of State upheld President Barack Obama in his deal with Iran because it does not want to end up in prison because of the “messages” in reference to the use of Clinton its own account in the e-mail to send them information that may be confidential information.

American billionaire and stressed that the current authorities to allow Clinton to participate in the election race, “Shame on the United States and a disgrace to our nation.”

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has yet to decide on the issue of opening a case against the former foreign minister because of potential leaks of confidential information.

Hillary Clinton had attacked on Thursday June 2, Republican rival Donald Trump, accusing him of being “looking for a fight with the United States’ allies and friends.”