Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-20-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-20-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions5-20-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 Article: “Iraq gets a financial certificate enables him to deal with international banks with high confidence” …one can not do this with a …PROGRAM RATE! [Iraq can only deal with international banks if they have an International currency.] YES!!! Our turn is coming IMO. These are continual Steps of the MR.

5-20-2016 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 Article quote: “…to grant the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Iraq, according to the agreement to prepare the credit loan of $ 15 billion, in addition to a financial certification by the IMF gives him a chance to deal with all international banks with high confidence follows …” This is setting things up nicely…they should see this money sometime I’m thinking now late June, early July. And this next part is purely my opinion…can they show a new rate before they get the money? Well…IMHO…yes sure they can…and I’m thinking that a month to a month and half is a long time to keep something under wraps…that part of their requirements seems to have to be done…otherwise from what we are hearing they wouldn’t be getting the loan…logic…but just a logical opinion at this point.

5-20-2016 Newshound Guru Shredd Article quote: “A source at the Central Bank of Iraq, depriving a number of financial companies to participate in the bank’s auction for the sale of foreign currency, so as to dealing with gangs and funding Daash follows…” we’ve seen articles over the past years how this manipulation is robbing the citizens and funding the criminals and terrorists…if they have a single currency that is useful and practical, the exchange crime goes away…there won’t be confusion around the value but what I will be interested to see is the period of time during which the dinar gains value and stabilizes…goods and services pricing, price gouging, etc. which is why I felt a managed float for a period of time made sense, eventually moving to a float, but we wait and see.

5-20-2016 RUMOR Guru Bruce …announcement was made in Iraq yesterday – lower denoms are out and being used – Key cards are being used internationally, even in the USA – Iraq has been freed and they are ready to go with new dinar and new rates…what this tells us is that Iraq is off and running and that is great…Thursday mid-morning (today) the entire banking system was re-set… looking forward to a great weekend…

5-20-2016 Newshound Guru wmawhite there are soooo many indicators out here that gives us reason to believe the IMF knew what it was speaking about… All of this activity shows me that Iraq is moving further and further along in the process of entering the economy markets …and the effect of all of this activity will be a change in the status of the IQD as to how the world markets deal with the CBI and it’s banks…

5-19-2016 Newshound Guru Shredd the CBI adjusts the auction sales to maintain not only supply but price which of course are dependent on each other. once the dinar is actually representative of its true value, the market will drive value of their dinar…fair market value is what its called. The value of currency is determined by its selling and purchase price as a commodity. The Fair Market Value of a currency is based on the agreed amount at which it is bought and sold. The economic condition of a country, such as employment rates and opportunities for growth, is examined when comparing its currency to another country.

5-19-2016 Newshound Guru Shredd Currencies of prosperous countries are then given a higher value than the currency of economically struggling nations…which is why Iraq is sitting pretty, they are the 23 wealthiest country in regards to reserves last time I checked…oil, recovering agriculture, improving infrastructure and a country ripe for investment sets a good stage…stability is the bottle neck though…security, economic and political (same ol, same ol) but the loans being taken as of late are a continued good sign, believe it or not…loans are good because it maintains the operating cushion of the borrower…loans are better than relief funds, for us that is…from the aggregate of news we’ve seen, it seems the move to a market economy may come first with the resulting float of the dinar.

5-19-2016 Newshound Guru Mountainman Articles: “{BAGHDAD: Iraq’s Euphrates News} got a financial certification by the IMF gives him a chance to deal with all international banks with high confidence.” “Urgent ready credit gives Iraq a loan of $ 15 billion securities certificate to deal with international banks” [Iraq can only deal with international banks if they have an International currency…] B I N G O …EXACTLY and Well Said…THINGS are Done BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and [WHEN] (THEY) want One to See…ONE will See as We are Here… CORRECT? IMO…Absolutely…Now in TIME/ING…It will Be A PUBLIC SPECTACLE and A Potpourri of their NEW REALITY…IMO.

5-19-2016 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG based on their NEED… (according to Alak) – they would benefit great from a “value enhanced” Dinar. Their internal purchasing power would be greater – just like your and mine. they are pointing out… in a vague sort of way, they don’t need USD – they need more Dinar, a more powerful Dinar because they need purchasing power in their own country – for their own projects. Simple. …they are almost shouting “THEY NEED VALUE”… do you think they would achieve value and withhold it from the world?

5-19-2016 Newshound Guru Mountainman Article quote: “During the meeting with Rabiei on Wednesday, officials of Oclaner Asset Management Ltd. said that their company is able to absorb three billion dollars of investment money for Iran projects.” …it Is OBVIOUS IRAN is EXPECTING A NEW INCREASE in BUSINESS and CASH FLOW…I’d Say they Know their MONETARY DOORS are About to EXPLODE…I Know the IMF (THINKS) So As Well…Hmmm…This is Some SERIOUS HUGE Money in A Short Period of TIME…for A Country Whose Currency is WELL BELOW it’s Projected VALUE…So WHAT is EVERYONE EXPECTING…A UNION..A WEDDING…Is the IMF Leading w/ the MARRIAGE VOWS…IRAN do You take IRAQ as Your LAWFULLY WEDDED WIFE…I Do…Etc…You get the Point..IMO. It’s {ALL} About THEIR DEAL.

5-19-2016 Newshound Guru firefly Unless the rules have changed, there will be NO free float. IMO it will be managed!