America start European missile shield, which angers Russia

America start European missile shield, which angers Russia

May 12, 2016

America start European missile shield which angers RussiaThe United States began operating a missile shield at a cost of $ 800 million in Romania on Thursday, in a move it deems vital to protect them and protect Europe from rogue states described by the Kremlin says it aims to neutralize Russia’s nuclear arsenal.

Senior officials said the United States and NATO on military music echoes in Devicilo remote air base to start the defense of ballistic missiles capable of intercepting missiles from countries such as Iran, which Washington says its missiles could reach one day to major European cities site.

Said Robert Work Assistant US Secretary of Defense, standing in front of building concrete gray mass, which includes the shield, which lifted the United States flag, “as long as Iran continues to develop and deploy ballistic missiles will remain the United States is working with its allies for the defense of NATO.”

Before the ceremony began, warned Frank Rose, deputy assistant secretary of state for arms control that Iran’s ballistic missiles could infect parts of Europe, including Romania.

The defense shield will extend the completion of Greenland to the Azores. The United States will begin work on Friday in the resort site in Poland is scheduled to be ready in late 2018 to be completed so the defensive line that suggested for the first time in nearly ten years.

Full shield also includes ships and radars in various parts of Europe. And it will be handed over to NATO in July to be a command and control center at the US air base in Germany.

Russia is angered by the show of force carried out by the Cold War in Eastern Europe, which was ruled by communists previously deducted, where Moscow has influence day. Moscow says the coalition led by the United States is trying to encircle near the strategically important, which has a naval fleet, a Russian Black Sea and where the alliance is considering increasing patrols.

It comes equipped shield while the alliance is a new deterrent in Poland and the Baltic region after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. In response, Russia to consolidate its western and southern sides of three new teams.

Despite reassurances from the United States, the Kremlin says that the real target of the missile shield is to neutralize Moscow’s nuclear arsenal.

US officials reject the Russian point of view and blame Moscow stopped talks with the alliance in 2013, which was intended to explain how it will work shield.

The Interfax news agency quoted the Russian news about Andre Killeen, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry official as saying on Thursday: “It is part of the military and political containment of Russia … the decisions taken by NATO, which would aggravate the already difficult situation.”

On the other hand, Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman said “the deployment of the missile shield undoubtedly poses a threat to the security of the Russian Federation.”

“The action is being taken to ensure the required level of security of Russia. President (Vladimir Putin) himself -odona Ozkirkm- has repeatedly asked who would work against the system. ”

While officials confirm from the United States and NATO that the shield is designed to counter threats from the Middle East, not from Russia under their attitude to date is not clear on whether the radars and missiles objection can be tuned to respond to Russia in the event of a conflict.

But York said during a ceremony on Thursday that the shield will not be used as a defense against future Russian missiles. In response to a question on whether the site in Romania and the other site being built in Poland can be modernized technology enables the face of Russian missiles “I do not. There are no plans at all to do so. ” – Reuters