British analysis: after the overthrow of Balebadi on America to deal with the most dangerous figure in Iraq

British analysis: after the overthrow of Balebadi on America to deal with the most dangerous figure in Iraq

Monday 02-05-2016 | 6:50:46

British analysis - after the overthrow of Balebadi on America to deal with the most dangerous figure in IraqTwilight News / political commentator in the newspaper “The Guardian” Simon Tisdale wrote a report on the rise of personal Moqtada al-Sadr in Iraqi politics, asking, “Who is al-Sadr, who runs the Iraqi demonstrations?”

It starts writer his “of US and British perspective, the defeat of state regulation are subject most urgent, where Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his government in the provision of public services, create jobs, and the elimination of terrorism between the ruling elite failed, which is the most important topic, and in the gap between the Strategic Concept external domestic political reality, the Shiite leader attractor and former commander of the Mahdi Army, Moqtada al-Sadr, who was malignant Taivih and resist violent US occupation behind a bad reputation in the West, entered, and gave him a hero among Iraqi Shiite site in the period between 2004 to 2008 “.

Tisdale adds that the popular protest movement that hit Baghdad in recent weeks and reached its peak at the end of the week, stormed the parliament and the safe area of ‚Äč‚Äčembassies, known as the Green Zone, were generally of Sadr, who “directed the transfer of operations from the holy city of Najaf to the capital”, pointing out that some of the demonstrations have brought about 200 thousand protesters.

The writer says that “al-Sadr returned to change his image, no longer hard-line leader, nor the rebellious anti-American, where he presents himself as a man of the people, and the Iraqi National enthusiast, and Federal, which clings to the game of democracy, through peaceful means, has resolved his army Mahdi in 2008, and won his bloc (Liberals) in the 2014 elections with 34 seats, in other words, has turned into a legitimate chest shows. ”

The report, to that instead of the chest demanding the overthrow of Balebadi, he says he wants to help him to implement reform, especially to stop the sectarian quota system, provided by Washington in the post-invasion in 2003, where quotas confirmed the participation of religious and ethnic communities, Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds, in power, but it has become a way to expand the richness and the loyalty of parties.

Tisdale and corrects that “al-Abadi, though gained popularity among Iraqis, but it is weak, and his government, which suffers from divisions, weaker than him, zones dominated by state regulation in 2014, and a look of contempt that emerged from the Kurds and the families of the south, have made a lot of commentators say The command center will not stay in control. ”

The daily reminds that “al-Sadr claims to be with al-Abadi, but his methods are based on undermining the authority of the Prime Minister, and may have fatal results, and the departure of al-Abadi will create a big problem for Washington, which has invested heavily in order to overthrow his predecessor, Nouri al-Maliki; because of sectarian policies, where the Abadi is America’s man, and last week visited the US Vice President Joseph Biden Baghdad rapidly; to strengthen the site Abadi, and refocus the war on state regulation of the course, but he apparently did not succeed. ”

The writer says that “Washington and its Western allies are concerned, and rightly, that the disorders that are associated with the internal competition, the lower the money because of the decline in global oil prices, affect the main goal, which is to defeat the organization of the state, and there are reports of call teams of the army of fronts to help provide Security in the capital, a difference which was supposed to be preparing to restore the city of Mosul. ”

The report notes that US President Barack Obama spoke optimistic note last week, on preparations for the restoration of Mosul at the end of this year, pointing out that this alleged schizophrenia and Washington shows from reality, as it is away from the preparations for the attack, the Iraqi army is suffering from a lack of resources, and leak in his soldiers, and a decline in morale.

The newspaper reports that al-Sadr has a role in the fight against state regulation, where the collections, known as Saraya al-Salam, to fight state regulation alongside military forces and the popular crowd, pointing out that al-Sadr uses these militias to protect Shiite holy sites.

Tisdale believes that “the rise of the chest again, as a national figure impressive, could give benefits to Washington, despite three years in self-imposed exile in Iran, but the new national positions make him a barrier potential Iranian influence in Iraq, a role which increased after the departure of US forces in 2011 “.

And concludes, “The Guardian” its report by noting that “al-Sadr enjoys the support at the grassroots level, more than any Iraqi politician, and this does not include the year, who will continue their opposition to the control of the Shia, and here it is if it was overthrown Balebadi, it is not in front of them and Washington only deal with the personal and labeled in the past they (the most dangerous man in Iraq). ”