Jubouri: there is no alternative for us to protect the political process and order

Jubouri: there is no alternative for us to protect the political process and order and preserve the prestige of the state expanded

5/1/2016 17:37

 Jubouri - there is no alternative for us to protect the political process and order {Baghdad} Euphrates News said Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said “there is no alternative for us to protect the political process, and order and preserve the prestige of the state.”
The head of the parliament in a televised speech to the leaders and to all the Iraqi people, he was “Here we are today in front of a historic national responsibility requires us to unite and cooperate to cross the crisis, and overcome the dangers and errors, and require us more wisdom, decisiveness, and the will, patience, initiative, and openness, Iraq standing at the crossroads of a serious and sensitive ways, and meant to be heading in the wrong direction. ”
” it has become necessary for us to choose between two paths , either real state option and the law and the Constitution and reform, or chaos and harassment, conflict and ruin choice , God forbid, if the second another option, Fajiarana the sole is the first, there is no alternative for us to protect the political process and order and preserve the prestige of the state, and evaluate the performance of its institutions, and events evolved requires real work away from the media slogans, and the policy of raising the voice and noise and confusion. ”
and” from here , we are obligated to the characterization of what happened and diagnosis the solutions are clear and obvious, and without the courtesy or favor to the best interests of the country ‘s expense, in such a situation is not worthy of those who bear the responsibility of neutrality, or silence , or resort to the warm words to please this or that party. ”
He went on to say that” Iraq is in our calculations the most important and the most expensive and largest from any account, be considered, on the basis of all of the above we would like to show a number of things that we put in front of the eyes of the Iraqi people Karim is the House of Representatives is the people and the voice and representation of the house , a Alomutir the demands of the demonstrators and protesters, and what happened from the practices of both the legislative institution, and its members and their employees assaulting them is a violation of a clear and blatant to the values ​​of respect for the state and the law, and can not be included in any case under the freedom of expression, public The rights set out by the constitution and the law, and limits the rights of others, and dignity. ”
He stressed that ” we respect the will of the people, and religious authorities, political, and social in the reform and change, and fighting corruption, but that this is long overdue, has been dealt with by the government as a ball of fire trying to throw at the parliament whenever flared ran high, and it was supposed that the government finish the procedure of early during the perpetuation of dialogue with all political and social parties . ”
Jubouri said that” the general commander of the armed forces bear full responsibility for any security breach, or loose, or an assault on state institutions, prestige and its structure, and is required to take all necessary measures to protect all Iraqis, as well as that they are representatives of the people. ”
he pointed out that “parliament will go from holding meetings, and resume work if the resolution of the total issues by political parties, religious, social and religious authorities, and after he is preparing safe atmosphere to take executive and judicial bodies procedures to hold accountable all those involved recent attacks, and bring them to justice, and to hold negligent, or accomplices, We will take the necessary action by it came to us, and cohort protect the House of Representatives, as well as all those involved assault. ”
he continued that” the blocs and political leaders to provide solutions to real and candid and in- depth based on the submission of Iraq’s security, sovereignty and interest, and both sides of I I’m going to conduct urgent consultations with all sides of the representatives of the Iraqi people, and religious authorities, and social, and as of now, and I think that this movement is everyone ‘s responsibility, and that the wait is not the welfare and future of Iraq. ”
between saying” it is unlikely to give serious consideration by the senior leadership of Iraq to the restructuring of the government or State, or even the political process, and we call on them so if we realized we had reached the horizon standstill in the reform process, and all options in this window open as long as they are in the end the crisis and serve Iraq, and in this regard we call on political forces and blocs all a statement position, and provide substantial solutions for reform . ”
he stressed that” terrorism that targets our unity and our nation lurks every dispute, and being different will give him the opportunity to return after the blows he received at the hands of our heroes of our security forces, military, and volunteers in the popular crowd of tribal members, and the Peshmerga, the latest of what happened in Bashir , the process of liberalization, it is accepted by the Heat, and several areas of Iraq. ” Ended h