Are back-Maliki as prime minister in Iraq?

Are back-Maliki as prime minister in Iraq?

04/15/2016 | 09:50 are GMT |

Are back-Maliki as prime minister in IraqAfter numerous failed attempts of political reform and rejected the two formations governmental organizations, staged a sit about 150 Iraqi MPs in parliament, and dismissed the parliament speaker, and elected another president.

House sitters was held in the Iraqi parliament, yesterday (14 04 2016), the session declared the dismissal of parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri and his two deputies. He was elected sitters Adnan al-Janabi (the largest MP older) interim president of the parliament.

With the intensification of the political crisis, it seems that the current trend of the deputies of the protesters is to form a government of national salvation, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a personal or close to it and the isolation of the three presidencies.

The Jubouri rejected his dismissal, stressing not legally trace of her, and that the Council will continue unaffected by what had happened, he described al – Maliki on his “Twitter” What was that he was a mature political mobility, and that it “can no longer continue to errors experienced by the political process.”
Perhaps It carried the hours or days ahead political shift may stir things, and end the usual political alliances, especially with the Kurds and “national forces alliance”, especially that some of the forces started looking for their own way out of the political and parliamentary clash, which the country experienced over attempts witnessed clocks crisis the last of the alliance with the Kurdish component.

This clash Parliamentary been out of control for the presence of armed actors belong to the political process. But this clash safety valve remaining parties that are still watching it, including: the religious authority, Ali al-Sistani and the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and President Mohammad Fuad Masum locally, and America and Iran regionally.

On this basis, and in an attempt to be a safety valve, Abadi said in a televised speech yesterday: “We have started a comprehensive reform, and was supposed ministerial change to be a simple loop of this fix. But it ends up differences and divisions, it is contrary to the reforms that let to her”.

He said the prime minister: “We have put before the surrender option, an option that we can not give in to him, and strongly reject it, and can not accept chaos that displays the interests of our people at risk.”

It was that sitters Representatives replied that Ebadi is not the guardian of the people’s representatives to control their decisions. Thus, the Iraqi political scene came to be lying in wait for Iraqi parliamentary parties to each other, and even collide and in an unprecedented way did not happen since 2003.

This is the way to go may be the last game in the big change that Iraqis are waiting for him after 13 years of occupation. This may be half in stoppage time of the match.

It is clear that all Iraqi parliamentary party today has become lurks another. Maliki stalked his opponents, who cast him as prime minister in August / August 2014, despite winning in the parliamentary elections that took place on 30.04.2014. Then had him in August / August 2015 from the Vice President of the Republic site under the pretext of political reform, and hold him responsible for the fall of Nineveh , however , “Daash.”
The Maliki ‘s rivals were: Abadi and infallible Jubouri and Mr. Muqtada al – Sadr.

And chest, despite reports of a reconciliation arranges her between him and al – Maliki , brokered by regional parties, and despite the presence of “liberal bloc” A bra within the protesters, this does not mean that the odds of the Sadrists and Maliki had ended.
On the other hand, the Abadi is also lurks Maliki, and his successor , Mr. Sistani, who is still silent since the fifth of February last, and he has spoken at a crucial stage to come and may not speak.

And infallible Jubouri Mr. Ammar al-Hakim (head of the “Supreme Islamic Council”) and Massoud Barzani (president of Iraq’s Kurdistan region) are also prey upon the parties.

Is al-Maliki will win the round and come back as prime minister again, and displaces Abadi infallible after al-Jubouri was removed? And whether we will return to the atmosphere of 2014, the return of al-Maliki? It will transform sitters Bouktutem the parliamentary system in Iraq, the House of Representatives to a presidential system? Or that step dismissal of the Presidium of the House of Representatives could open the door not only fills?

It’s hard to al-Maliki back to the prime minister even tried him and his supporters. Maliki himself is not dreaming of a return, and its motto today, “on and on my enemies.” As they cast him from his position perhaps he wants dismissal of all of their Defiance nothing else. Especially since he said a few days ago that “reform technocrats raised on behalf of the projects are only a conspiracy against the Islamic project.”

Maliki has temporarily due to its location. But his return without a local, regional and international obstacles. And his return, he has said, it could open the door to a scenario of Yemen or Libya scenario.

Perhaps this dismissal and its aftermath will lead to a split of the political process into two halves; each half of his supporters locally and regionally. All this may lead to out of control it; and therefore, to the parliaments and governments and two presidents. Jubouri said yesterday that its parliament will be held on Saturday at ten o’clock in the morning. So where will be held the day the Parliament sessions?

In doing so, it would resemble what happened in Libya, or it may take the character Wejtkrr Yemeni gunman scenario. Abadi has passed and infallible Jubouri to Erbil that were dismissed, and from there they will ask international and regional support, as happened in Yemen while President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, Sana’a left and went to the Garden of Eden.

It can say that what happened in Iraq’s parliament yesterday is not a step toward reform, but by the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives on the ongoing reform process, led by Prime Minister coup. It supports this view things from a coup vote on the government list to the dismissal of the President of the House of Representatives!

Despite the absence of a constitutional text that supports what he had done sitters House of Representatives, the Article 11 and 12 of the rules of procedure, relied upon by the sitters in the dismissal of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, there is evidence of them for more than one reason:

The rules of procedure of the House of Representatives is not a law can be invoked, first. Secondly, the articles 11 and 12 of which speak of the election of a new presidency of the body if you can not attend the Presidency of the Council of Representatives of the Council or their inability to do their part. There was no material referred to in any cause impedes the presidency of the parliament from the audience but to protest against the protesters and their rejection of the presidency and their determination to dismiss. Third, if Astnadhm with Articles 11 and 12, it will benefit them only temporarily and for one session only. This may mean that the need for the list to refer the matter to the Federal Court to tell her, particularly that Abadi infallible Jubouri believe that what happened is against the law and the Constitution.

In conclusion, it is difficult to imagine the parliamentary Iraqi political blocs after the agreement today. He tried the Iraqi political blocs in parliament agreed after every crisis since 2005-2015, but in the end she agreed after pressure from international and regional parties.

However, today it is different from all days; as no one is keen to blocs agreement is regionally and internationally. But perhaps there was a regional and international keen on the disagreement. Especially after the parties to the Council of Representatives of Iraq has become a major political dilemma, and having proceeded some of these parties to resolve the crisis in its own way without agreeing with others, and this is the entry into a dark tunnel and not a departure from the crisis.

To get out of the crisis, we must go back to the second half of 2004; no to before writing the Iraqi constitution. A phase that came after the end of the Iraqi Governing Council, and before the first elections and the first government of Ibrahim al-Jaafari and writing the constitution. To any period in which he was Iyad Allawi as prime minister in Iraq.

That the fit to the Iraqis by the start of the new reconciliation and amending the constitution and elections, Iraqi political and new kit. And go back to the second half of 2004 requires final step begins to dissolve the House of Representatives and the freezing of the Constitution and the declaration of a state of emergency and the formation of a transitional government.

Omar Abdul Sattar