Leaks candidates ministries

Leaks candidates ministries

April 11, 2016 6:49

Leaks candidates ministriesA source close to the government leaks revealed the names of the new ministers who Siqdmanm Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Tuesday.

The following are the names of new candidates: –

Kazem Cup – the Ministry of Transport
Jabbar defect – Ministry of Oil
Fadel Abdul Nabi – the Ministry of Finance
Mohammad al – Hakim – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mustafa al – Hiti – The Ministry of Planning
Khalid al – Samarrai – The Ministry of Electricity
Musa al – Musawi – The Ministry of Higher Education
Abdul Kahar Samurai – The Ministry of Education
Khalid al – Obeidi – the Ministry of Defense
Mohammed Ghaban – Ministry of Interior
Laos Orfali – The Ministry of Agriculture
Faryad Roandzi – The Ministry of culture
Mohammad Xiaa Sudan – Ministry of Labour.