Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-5-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-5-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions4-5-2016 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article quote: “Great credit is due to the many aspects of the development of the Iraqi banking system and monetary policy in the current day to Dr. Shabibi…” This guy is clearly pro Shabibi and deservingly so because he was a well liked and intelligent man who accomplished quite a bit for the banking system in Iraq. I want to draw attention to the part where he raised the value of the dinar from 3000 to $1 to 1200 to $1 gradually. I believe this is the same plan for when the market economy is launched. And it did not take long for the CBI to accomplish this. The final step will be to raise the dinar from the current 1182 to $1, to 1 dinar to $1 or about removing the zeros during the process. More importantly it shows it is possible without much fanfare. Also, it is important that Iraq never suffered from hyperinflation as some have stated. This is important because that is the basis for many who believe in a LOP theory. Iraq’s inflation peeked at or around 33% well below the requirement of over 50% to meet the definition of hyperinflation. These are good facts to keep in mind when we start to sway. Keep the faith, let it come to us. The dinar will rise once the new government launches to market economy.

4-5-2016 Newshound Guru rcookie Article: “Economic Adviser to the head of Government is the financial reserve “well” in the shadow of the economic crisis” …powerful article out this morning that outlines…about cbi reserve status…iraq is completely on goal with where imf projects their reserves to be…under table 2 of the imf smp..loi/mefp/tech mou…from the years 2014-2018…and actually through 2020…this is clarifying article that completely debunks some of the ridiculous negative statements about iraqs reserve status…they are exactly on goal..

4-5-2016 Newshound Guru Islandg1211 …the PTB hadn’t backed the RV until last Fall, and…they had set a target date in April. As a result of their decision, everything had to be set in motion. Orders for the US to lead the attack on ISIS – particularly their money, oil, leadership had to be targeted. Mosul somewhat liberated. Fully formed government in Iraq. Laws passed. Corrupt gone. Corruption world wide exposed with accounts frozen before the RV. Shababi back. Frank [Guru Frank26] and teams and the news articles themselves are showing us the plan in its entirety being completed on schedule.

4-4-2016 RUMOR Guru Mnt Goat I checked in with my Iraqi CBI contact over the weekend…I was told that there is a main effort now underway to reform the CBI and bring back Dr Shabibi as the formal head of the controller for the national bank. …They told me this effort has been underway now for over 3 weeks and is now at a point they must make this change. I was told the plan is now to have Shabibi in a news conference within the next couple days. He will announce his return and make a broadcast speech to the nation and global community. So we should expect articles and maybe even a broadcast of this on the major news channels such as CNN or FOX news. Has Ali al-Allaq (proxy CBI governor) resigned? YES and officially over this last week the CBI has not had an acting governor.

4-4-2016 RUMOR Guru Mnt Goat So what will happen once Shabibi is back within the CBI? Recap back to 2015 – I was told that the plan is to begin the launching of the lower denominations almost immediately, something that was planned for and was supposed to happen in early December of 2015 and we were supposed to have the final RV by the end of 2015. This is factual news. We know this did not happen then and has been still on the plan since only a new target was moved out. So the good news is this current information confirmed all the news we heard back then…I am also hearing they are pushing strongly to adhere to their mid March to mid April target timeframe for the currency reform (the RV window I gave you over two months ago) and moving to Article 8 of the UN charter. Today is April 4th already and so there is less than 2 weeks remaining to complete this task. I am hearing they are going to make a major push this week and this week may go down in history.

4-4-2016 Intel/Newshound Guru tman23 Remember…they do not need the cabinet seated to change the currency (lift the zeros)… They only need to have it in the process…

4-4-2016 RUMOR Guru Mnt Goat Right now we are soooooooo close to the end of this RV saga, we all should be praying, praying and praying more that nothing goes wrong to stop the plan they have been moving towards now since the fall 2015 and that is about to conclude. It is almost at the conclusion. Right now the picture is looking really good from my standpoint…