Mission Abadi ended ministerial change and the Parliament the right of amendment

His office’s [where]: Mission Abadi ended ministerial change and the Parliament the right of amendment

04/05/2016 15:38

Mission Abadi ended ministerial change and the Parliament the right of amendment[Oan- special]
spokesman said the prime minister ‘s office said the prime minister Haider al – Abadi , “has completed its mission in a process of cabinet reshuffle presenting new ministerial candidates of the cabins to the House of Representatives.”
Said Saad al – Hadithi told all of Iraq [where], “Prime Minister when he went to parliament on Thursday a request to approve members of the House of Representatives or reject or amend the ministerial Cab Parliament Select 10 days to finish the ministerial change file and we still have five days remain and wait for the final position in connection with the list of nominations, and they [MPs] to decide either to support this list or rejected or modified by identifying the names of the notes. ”
He stressed newborn on the need to be these observations” objective because there is a desire to derail the project or because the masses want to nominate them and if they there are valid observations and reliable with respect to the personalities of the candidates deputies can object to these names and then position the prime minister will set in this regard. ”
he continued , ” We are waiting for the House resolution does not count too much on the positions may be issued from the deputy or the block but are waiting for parliament , which is to determine the outcome and the the light of which will determine the prime minister position , so we do not want to anticipate events and there may be different positions when the vote is what is in the media. ”
he pointed out that” the Prime Minister gave the cabins of the candidates technocrats and wait for the role of parliament in question and when it decided its final position and hyperbolic vote and not statements then we will know the position parliament does not want to anticipate events or influence the evaluation of members of parliament of the names of the candidate and not to create the effects of political and media pressure and may even affect the mood of the MP and therefore does not take an objective position with regard to the candidate or the other. ”
the spokesman Abadi Office on” everyone to give adequate opportunity for members of parliament and to take adequate opportunity and time limit necessary objective assessment of the candidates and this position will be in front of the Iraqi public opinion. ”
he explained that” the Prime Minister in March, according to the powers granted to him in accordance with Article 78 of the Constitution , this Salahat cabinet reshuffle and this he has done and executed , and the task of the Prime Minister regarding this matter over here and finish the job now , it is the responsibility of members of parliament who are from deciding the position of acceptance or rejection or amendment, and then it will be for every incident. ”
the newborn” the prime minister will announce his position for the parliament ‘s decision , which has indicated from the outset on the need for consensus and support of the masses political in the reshuffle because the members of parliament are the ones who vote and give confidence to the cabin cabinet, has different positions and vision of change , especially since there is a will mass and wide with the ministerial change and move away from the political and partisan quotas for ministers. ”
He pointed to the Abadi taken” important this cabinet reshuffle step is the start other steps as announced this in front of the House of Representatives said he could during the month to provide a list of names of heads of independent bodies and alternatives to agencies all if it was the reshuffle was approved by the parliament , so the cabinet reshuffle is part of all in finding top cadres of state institutions in accordance with the technocrats and this is essential the minister alone that there was not a cadre administrative assistant to him is the same characteristic way you will not find a temple in front of him. ”
he denied Sabri news on the nomination of members of the Committee of experts problem of the prime minister in the list of cabinet reshuffle , ” he said . “there is no name from the names of the committee has been nominated in the list presented by the Prime Minister to parliament. ”