Abadi: We have asked for international help to support the economy and fight corruption.

Abadi: We have asked for international help to support the economy and fight corruption. In order moon stresses the sweeping reforms [Extended]

03/26/2016 16:00

Abadi - We have asked for international help to support the economy and fight corruption[Oan- Baghdad]
Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi announced that Iraq has asked for international help to fight corruption and boost the economy, while UN Secretary – General Ban Ki – moon stressed the importance of implementing comprehensive reforms in Iraq.
Ebadi said in a joint news conference with Ki – moon and the heads of the World Bank and the Muslim who arrived this morning in Baghdad , “discussed today in our meeting with the guests how they can help Iraq in the fight against corruption more by simplifying procedures and other measures effectively.”
“We’ve made ​​a lot of steps and there is a lot of the reforms we are involved with and hopefully be completed soon and the ministerial change Atalqh part of the Prime Minister and other blocs in dealing with it. ”
He added Abadi” I heard during the meeting with the guests visiting their standing with Iraq and there are integrated plans to support the economy and begin some in the next week to stand with the plight of Iraq ‘s financial. ”
The prime minister pointed out that” our reform program is to reduce government spending , we have succeeded last year it increased by 40%, and today we drive to encourage the private sector and we must take advantage of the drop in oil to activate the various sectors such as housing and investment. ”
he explained,” The decline in prices oil , which rely on him by 90% in the construction of our budget puts pressure on us and call on the international community to financially stand with Iraq. ”
and the security situation Abadi said , ” we have promised liberation of Mosul during the year and are determined to it , “accusing the countries to facilitate the entry of terrorists into Iraq.”
he added “those who are fighting Iraq within Daash scheme they want our country to be a springboard for terrorism and the problem today is now global, regional and fighters come from Arab and Islamic states and from various countries around the world have demanded the UN security Council a major effort to stop the flow of terrorists and prevent Daash smuggling antiquities and oil because they damage the country and kill citizens and this great danger. ”
on the cabinet reshuffle Ebadi said , ” for a variety government still working on that understanding with other political blocs , “pointing out that” the ministerial change a small part of the process of comprehensive reform. ”
for his part , UN Secretary – General Ban Ki – moon said in his speech press Conference “My visit to Iraq is the eighth day I am surprised at the progress and successes against Daash” expressing “his conviction and condemnation extreme of suicide bombing witnessed in Babil province on Friday and claimed the lives of dozens of innocent people.
he pointed out that he” made ​​a positive dialogue with the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi and Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari said , “which we discussed issues related to security, politics, economics and human rights.”
among Ki – moon ” to accompany me in the head of the World Bank and the Islamic visit and this shows that we are all demonstrate international solidarity in addressing the challenges faced by the Government of Iraq in peace and achieve comprehensive reforms” .
He called that ” the Government of Iraq continue to gain support from the international community , ” stressing at the same time , “the need to implement comprehensive reforms in Iraq , ” and expressed his “congratulations to Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes and the crowd of popular victories recently achieved in different cities of the country.”
He noted the Secretary – General of the United Nations that “Iraq last year has lost more than 7,500 people as a result of violence and terrorism and armed conflicts , ” noting that “these conflicts can be met to address the causative root them by securing justice, equality and reconciliation which is important in the war on Daash strategy because they are exploited the vulnerable and the marginalized in recruiting fighters. ”
He pointed out that” Iraq is facing problems and many challenges in the economic side of the decline in oil prices and corruption , “adding that” the international community is ready to help Iraq and Iraqis must themselves to implement reform projects that will restore their country to prosperity and should include these reforms measures to empower women and realize social harmony and emphasize that the United Nations will remain supportive of Iraq. ”
He Ki – moon that” the UN deals with all of its members in order to prevent and fight terrorism and infiltration of terrorists into Iraq and we hope in this regard that the international coalition that fights Daash in Iraq and Syria efforts and provides support for it. ”
the secretary – general of the United Nations that” military operations may be an effective and necessary , and must be, but from the very beginning is the need to invest more in the prevention of terrorism, extremism and tackle the root of the problem and the reason for young people to pursue terrorism and Bdaash. ”
he revealed Ki – moon expressed” submit recommendations to the UN security Council last month and it will be adopted , “noting that he” asked his recommendations members of the United Nations to study and evaluate these recommendations and the possibility to be doable , “adding that” there are 70 recommendations made ​​by the covering economics, politics and sociology. ”
he stressed Ki – moon on the ” implementation reforms in Iraq to be the base of our joint efforts to prevent terrorism and address radicalization ” and urged” every member of the United Nations and their leaders to focus on good governance and effective participation of young people in order to exploit their potential in achieving prosperity and growth and the fight against extremist ideology , in order to prevent inequality, injustice and oppression and it is important that countries are making efforts to achieve equality for their people and we are ready to provide financial and technical support and this is what the United nations can offer to the countries that need it for their people. ”
as World Bank President Jim Yong Kim revealed to provide the bank $ 250 million to Iraq in the field of reconstruction the liberated areas and restore stability to it.
he said , ” are ready to support Iraq in achieving stability and we need a more intensive efforts to achieve this through the fight against corruption and Daash We have allocated $ 250 million in order to restore stability in liberated areas of Daash.”
he added , “We want to provide whatever we can , in order to live up to the best level of Iraq as we talked with the prime minister on the importance of continuing the implementation of these reforms will be the entire international community stood with Iraq in its war on Daash in order to build an Iraq that serves all its citizens. ”
He stressed Young Kim on” the need to achieve justice and provide opportunities education, employment and education equally have been to tell us of Iraqi officials that if Maatmt development of the economy, the economic situation will recover and this makes them ready to fight corruption and build businesses and help the economy to advance will help the state and the people is also on the fight against terrorism. ”
the Islamic development Bank President Ahmad Muhammad Ali has affirmed the bank ‘s readiness to support Iraq “very closely” to overcome the various its crises, particularly financial.
Ali said , “We have announced last October seeking to mobilize more funding to countries affected area events, including Iraq and sustenance , and we will be supportive of him and we will cooperate with him closely as an Islamic bank and be committees with him to confront the financial crisis. ”
He added , ” we will have a role in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of liberated areas and are ready to start immediately so under the supervision of Iraq , “revealing that” the Islamic bank will call for coordinating special meeting of its members for the rehabilitation of the liberated areas of Iraq and reconstruction will be the bank ‘s important role so. ”