Consultant Abadi gas export first step to diversify the economy

Consultant Abadi gas export first step to diversify the economy and the oil ministry has made significant progress

21.03.2016 11:11

Consultant Abadi gas export first step to diversify the economy{Baghdad} Euphrates News described the appearance of Mohammed Saleh economic advisor to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the first shipment of gas condensate to the outside as the “first spark” to diversify the economy, praising the performance of the Ministry of Oil and offered great.
Saleh said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News} “I am an analyst and economist in the future of Iraq ‘s economy belive in step gas export first right step to diversify the economy through the diversification of natural resources, especially gas that was previously burned, and over the 80 years the last burn per day of gas what value {ten million dollars} of accompanying the process of extracting oil and gas this is the loss of wealth. ”
He added that” this is the first step after the founding of the Basra gas company, doing the export of some kind of similar to the material of gasoline condensed gases, and is the first spark to diversify the economy, and then move on to diversify the export of oil derivatives and then move on to a different magazines to diversify sources , including agriculture and industry. ”
He stressed that” this move a positive spark calculated to the Ministry of oil and the great progress it has achieved in silence, noting that “Iraq produces about four million and 700,000 barrels of oil and exports amounted to about three Melaine and 900,000 barrels higher than the allocated budget figure where select the amount of export up to three million 600 thousand barrels , up 300,000 barrels from the allocated budget. ”
he noted that” just because of improved oil Iraq , prices will be in great aversion, from financial and various other trends point of view . ”
said oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Sunday, the first shipment of condensate , ” liquid gas “abroad through the port of Umm Qasr.
, said Abdul – Mahdi in the social networking {Facebook site} We are pleased today to announce the first shipment of condensate , “liquid gas” abroad through the port of Umm Qasr , where the amount of charge export estimated ten thousand standard cubic feet .. this is the fruit of the joint efforts of national cadres in the oil ministry in collaboration with Shell and Mitsubishi. ”
he added that” the goal of the ministry over its plans current and future is optimum use of the wealth of hydrocarbons and increase and expand the fiscal revenue of the gas resources as well as the export of crude oil. ”
The director of the Media Basra gas company Shaalan Darraji has revealed yesterday, the details of the first shipment of gas to be exported abroad , noting that” the shipment of 10,000 cubic meters and will be issued to GCC “countries ..anthy 1