Source: leave more than 220 Iraqi officials and parliamentarians during the past two days

Source: leave more than 220 Iraqi officials and parliamentarians during the past two days

20/03/2016 18:40

Source - leave more than 220 Iraqi officials and parliamentarians during the past two daysTomorrow Press / Baghdad:

A source in the Iraqi Airways, on Sunday, to leave more than 220 Iraqi officials and parliamentarians across the three airports during the past two days, coinciding with calls to close the Green Zone or canceled.

An officer in the Iraqi Immigration Department, in a statement to “toss News” and I followed “Tomorrow Press”, “The majority of bookings on the Iraqi lines and other lines, were to Iraqi officials and their families and those close to them, who went to the Jordanian capital, Amman, and Istanbul, Turkey, as well as reservations to Dubai in the UAE. ”

According to the source, who declined to be named, the “more than 350 families, numbering reached about 1,400 people, including women and children, have left Iraq in recent days, all of them relatives of officials and Iraqi lawmakers.”

Meanwhile, a senior official said, in one of the service departments, the Green Zone where the government headquarters, said that “more than 120 houses and luxury apartment inhabited by officials and parliamentarians, have become free inside the Green Zone, having abandoned its inhabitants, finally.”

He added, Anwar al-Tamimi, an employee in the Green Zone, “Most of the residential units and recreational areas, prepared for the accommodation of politicians, had been emptied of its residents who left to the capitals out of the country, while representatives left some lawmakers to their provinces and tribal areas.”

Political sources spoke on the state of “panic” hit the Iraqi politicians and parliamentarians, with the escalation of the protests carried out by followers of the Sadrist movement and civilians allied with them in the vicinity of the area of ​​enhanced security, threatened Bagthamha.

The look of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, free movement of politicians who usually moved within the huge convoys of armored cars, as well as a cooling media activity and confined to statements write them on their pages on networking sites.

Iraqi officials and warns of a “soft coup” carried out by the Shiite leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, to some extent be likened Khomeini’s revolution against the rule of the Shah of Iran in 1979.

The limited presence in the Green Zone, which isolated the Americans with their occupation of Iraq in 2003, the security elements and some foreign embassies operating in Iraq staff, as quoted Iraqi sources from within the security box accommodation of the ruling political elite.

The news coincides with calls launched by MPs and politicians to abolish the Green Zone, the fortified headquarters of the politicians or closed.

It does not appear the features of saving the current political process possible only the intervention of the reference Sistani, or through international intervention by the most prominent players on the Iraqi theater and two controlled Iranian regime, and the White House compressor.