Next Thursday to vote on changes to the ministerial Abadi

Next Thursday to vote on changes to the ministerial Abadi

Sunday 20 March 2016 | 17:25

Next Thursday to vote on changes to the ministerial AbadiBAGHDAD / .. revealed a coalition of state law, on Sunday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will present ministerial its changes to the House of Representatives on Thursday to vote on them.

The leader of the coalition, Saad logistical’s “Eye of Iraq News,” that “three presidencies and political blocs agreed yesterday at a meeting to provide Abadi new names of ministers for a vote in Parliament next Thursday,” explaining that “the political blocs will help Abadi in the selection of new ministers without to nominate candidates for the prime minister. ”

He logistical “The new ministers will be from a competent, professional and not independent but .. will have political leanings but the important thing they’re with expertise in their field,” and to speed up the selection of ministers before the deadline leader of the Sadrist movement, the end of the green to break into, said that “this is not It has no deadline unrelated chest. ”

And held on the evening of Saturday, at the Peace Palace in central Baghdad three presidencies meeting with leaders of political blocs called for by President Fuad Masum, while face meeting to form a committee to contact the leaders of the demonstrations to follow up on their demands, another committee represented by all the political components and presidencies that would follow up implementation of the reform measures Ministerial amendment called for by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in a week.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi deadline granted by the political blocs is over, last Wednesday, without offering any block candidates, the center of the Sunni blocs refused to participate in the next government and the sufficiency role of the opposition and observer, as an impetus to extend the deadline a week Ajara.anthy 9