Adel Abdul-Mahdi: Iraq now third oil producer in the world

Adel Abdul-Mahdi: Iraq now third oil producer in the world

March 17, 2016

Adel Abdul-Mahdi - Iraq now third oil producer in the worldSaid Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, today, that Iraq issued a day more than three million barrels of oil from the south and center fields, and stressed that Iraq is now the third oil producer in the world.

Abdul-Mahdi said in his speech at the “Forum of Sulaimaniya,” the fourth in the second day, “Iraq has a problem in the lower oil price as well as lower production.”

He added that “Iraq is currently exported more than 3 million barrels of oil per day from oil fields in the south and center.”

He explained that “Iraq will continue for long periods in the production and export of oil, and even if he became the price per barrel to $ 10, Iraq will win.”

He noted that “we were able to reduce the production rate for 2016 and everyone before this because it is in everyone’s interest of Iraq and foreign companies.”

“It should be our motto is not oil-for-food, but must be oil-for reconstruction.”

“The state now flaccid and obstructive in our laws and legislation, and we need real reform as the country’s biggest expenses of its production.”

Held Sulaymaniyah Forum under the supervision of the international regional and Research Institute at the American University and will continue on 16 and March 17 2016 with the participation of several political figures in Iraq and the Kurdistan region and the world, the forum held in March of each year, and was the first forum held in March year 201,312 entitled ” geopolitical changes in the Middle East. ”